Keywording FAQ and Guidelines

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Posted Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:33PM
Hello, and welcome to the Keywording & Search Forum. We don't have much of an introduction for this section because we think words are jerks. That's not true, we just are updating this section to include Search and Best Match discussions in order to keep things in a pertinent place. If you have any suggestions for this section of the forums please feel free to contact Lobo via Sitemail.

If you have any questions about keywording - please read this article first: iStock Keywording Guide

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Posted Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:38AM
Posted Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:38AM
How to use the Keywording & Search Forum

What’s in a word? Having the right keywords to describe your content is important. This is where you may inquire about the following:
  1. Keyword definitions
  2. Content rejected for keywords or with Keywords Under Review status
  3. Keyword wiki questions or issues
  4. General file keyword problems

Ask questions. We’re here to help. Remember to post thumbnails/audio links of any work you have questions about. Also, make sure you title your thread appropriately.

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Posted Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:59AM
Keywording & Search Contacts

We already have a handful of helpful Keywording contacts in place. For the time being Lobo will be your search related contact. We will include additional resources as the need arises.

Keywording Contacts

Ducksandwich - Main contributor contact and Forum Moderator
Keywords - Metadata Kingpin. If all else fails contact Jordan.

Search Contacts

Lobo - Main Contact - if you need to sitemail someone directly
SearchFairy - Please do not site mail.

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Posted Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:18AM
Definitions Defined

In your iStock travels you will see multiple acronym/terms related to keywording. Here’s what it all means:

CV – Controlled Vocabulary or in a nutshell, the iStock dictionary. Our vocabulary has a multitude of hierarchy-organized terms in a wide variety of languages. The CV grows daily.

DA – Disambiguation.

Term – Keyword.

Parent Terms – The main term for a certain subject. Some parent terms have offshoots, or daughter terms as we describe them here. If necessary, you can disambiguate (DA) a term to better describe your subject/concept. So with your cat photo you would have these options:

  • Feline (parent term)
    • Domesticated Cat (daughter term)
    • Undomesticated Cat (daughter term)
    Your precious is a domesticated cat so once having selected that term you have more options:

  • Domesticated Cat (parent term)
    • Egyptian Mau (daughter term)
    • Korat (daughter term)
    • Longhair Cat (daughter term)

    …and so on. It is possible for multiple different terms to have some of the same search synonyms. If you had a photo of Slash the musician, uploaded it and then went to keyword your file you would have two options:

  • Slash
    • Slash (Name of Person)
    • Cutting (Moving Activity)

    Here you would disambiguate and pick Slash (Name of Person) and not Cutting (Moving Activity) unless the musician in the image was chopping a tree.

Daughter Terms - As described above, daughter terms are disambiguation options of parent terms.

Tags – Tags are keywords you attach to your file upon upload.

Categories – Upon upload you will be prompted to select categories applicable to your content. Select the ones that apply and then move on.

Unsorted Legacy Terms - These are user-generated terms that do not have a home in the CV proper but are searchable. If one of these terms is appropriate for your content you may use it as well as nominate it for migration into the CV. These terms do not disambiguate.

New VMT IDs – These are useful terms generated outside of the iStock site that are gradually being migrated in the CV. These terms are searchable but do not disambiguate.

Model Tracking Tags – These are user-generated terms useful for organizing your content by model, an indirect way of creating a lightbox. These terms are searchable but will never be migrated into the CV. Examples of model tracking tags include: girl01, man04, baby10, etc.

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