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Query on licensing

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Chris Mansfield
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Posted Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:44AM
Good Morning world,

I have a query on licensing... I have read the info on site but not sure if i understand it completely...

If someone purchases one of my pictures, and then uses it as the main display image of a stationery product that is being sold online and also in UK high street shops. Should they have an Extended licence ??

The image and product in question can be seen here.

This product has been sold in a UK chain called WH Smith and also available by mail order.
The file number on here is 16789738  and it has not had any extended licence sales.

Any advice much appreciated

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Posted Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:57AM
Nice find but no, an EL is not required for that usage. Just as one isn't required for a book cover either. If they were selling your content as the item itself, such as say as on a T-shirt, poster or jigsaw, then an EL would be required. But they are not selling your content here, it's just a prominent part of the packaging.

If you'd like a definitive and official opinion, only Contributor Relations can provide that.

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