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Food Photography Ingredients listed used to make and keywords

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Posted Tue Apr 2, 2013 6:45AM

When you make something such as a salad and you use an ingredient such as Mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar or some other ingredient that you really can't see in the recipe are you not allowed to use them  as a keywords?

From the inspector Additional Approval Note: The following keywords used for this file do not appear to be fully relevant to the subject.   {[ Fried (Cooked),  Mayonnaise,  Sour Taste (Tasting),  Sugar (Food Staple),  Sweet Food (Food),  Vinegar]}

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Posted Wed Apr 3, 2013 8:50PM
You should not put in any keywords that do not directly describe what you can visually identify. If you looked at the salad dressing you would not know if it was sweet, savory or sour, you would not know if it had sugar or honey or neither one. A buyer looking for Sweet or Sugar would not expect to see a salad in their search results. Words like Sour Taste would fit if it was a lemon but you can't identify a taste of an unknown creamy substance. Think like a buyer and ask yourself if you would use any of those words to find a picture of a salad with dressing. Probably not, you'd probably search on Salad, Fresh, Green, Healthy, Salad Dressing, etc. not Sweet, Sugar, Vinegar.
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