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River Rafting/Waterproofing Camera

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Posted Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:32PM
I am going to Fiji soon, and am going to do a river rafting excursion. It's not too crazy, more of a touristy thing/rafting for newbies (I think). But it's my first time, and I don't know what to expect, it's supposed to be AWESOME for photography, so here's my dilemma, I recently upgraded from a Canon Rebel 300D to the new Canon Rebel T4i. I'm thinking since the odds of gear getting wet are high, maybe I should take the 300D (because it's the old camera body?) but even if I do, I'd still like some type of waterproofing for it (without spending a fortune). Any suggestions?
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Posted Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:24PM
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Posted Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:08PM

I have a similar one. I have this:

Actually mine is the WP-S10 which is slightly bigger but this would be the size for your camera I think. My experience is that it is usable and you can work most of the controls through the little finger sleeves. THE BIG PROBLEM is that the tube that holds the lens is not attached to the camera lens. This means that it always is sticking way out in front of the lens so you have to pretty much always have one hand pulling the tube back so the housing port is against the lens. If you don't you will get serious vignetting in your picture. You can use it but it really means you have to constantly deal with it.

Unfortunately, the next step up is the Ewa-Marine soft housings that will run you over $300. I think the front port attaches to the lens though so they solve that problem. You still have to work the controls though plastic but it is doable.
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Posted Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:05AM

Do you wnat to be able to shoot in/under water or just protect it?  If its just dry storage you need, then a bag from SealLine or a box from Otterbox or Pelican would do the trick. I took a couple SealLine bags and Otterboxes on my recent beach shoot in Mexico and they protected my gear nicely.  I picked up the underwater housing for my Canon G11 and that worked great as well. 8552523742_0def0f85fd_z

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Posted Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:36PM

If you don't want to spend the large amount of money on the fully waterproof cases. I have a couple of systems for getting down rivers.

The first is to get a dry bag, and extra clothing/towels that you'll be bringing anyway. Wrap the camera in a towel and pad with anything you can get. I strap this to my raft securely in case we flip while going through the rapid, we've run class 5 rapid like this. I've used the same system to swim through class 3 rapids.

The second that I use, which is a much better way to do it for camera safety/access, is to use a pelican case, again tied to the raft. You can access the camera quickly, and more importantly, put it away quickly.

The T4i should be okay with light spashes, at least my T2i was. The higher end waterproof systems would be good for shooting while going through the rapids, but be careful to not fall out or leave the rest of your boat picking up for you not paddling. Just remember... safety first on the river.

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Posted Mon May 13, 2013 11:53AM

Get a dry bag. We rafted the Grand Canyon two summers ago and it was very easy to pop my camera in and out and keep it completly waterproof when the conditions warranted.
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