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Posted Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:54AM
Hi, from my latest batch of photos that I've submitted quite a number have been rejected but I was allowed to resubmit a few of them as long as I corrected the reason for rejection. After a great deal of time and effort I corrected the photos problems and resubmitted them only to get them rejected for another reason and now I'm not allowed to resubmit. Surely the inspectors should study the whole photo and find ALL the reasons to reject a photo before giving the option to resubmit as it is a waste of their time as well as mine.
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Posted Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:05AM
If you resubmit a file, it doesn't go specifically to the inspector who rejected it first time round. Your resubmitted files just go back into a general pool where any inspector may get them. For example, on your initial upload, the first inspector may think the lighting is borderline acceptable, but rejects it because you have missed cloning out a little logo. When you resubmit the edited file without the logo, the 2nd inspector decides that the lighting is borderline but not acceptable. This is a problem inherent when submitting files of borderline quality.

iStock works hard and has many systems in place to achieve consistency in inspections, but ultimately, it comes down to human beings looking at photographs and judging them. It's not an empirical science, there will always be subjective decisions made.

Luckily, iStock does have a couple of safety nets. Firstly, if you believe your file does meet the standards and should be accepted, then you can open a Scout ticket and ask for a second opinion or clarification on the rejection reason.

Scout Ticket

Secondly, if you would like a little help from your peers, you can open a thread in the Critique Request forum and ask for help in understanding why the files were rejected. You can also post images there prior to upload, to check if they are likely to be acceptable and whether they meet iStock's standards.

Critique Request Forum

Please do make use of the services available, they can save a lot of wasted effort.

Good luck with your future uploads.

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