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Posted Sun May 5, 2013 1:25AM
Problem with my account breeze393. Is broking.

Admin help? pleace,

My foto nobody see.

Zero see all year.

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Posted Sun May 5, 2013 4:15AM

The view counter is recording the views that it is supposed to record.

This is the bit of the Contributor FAQ that explains how it works. :

How does the view counter work?

The file view counter is only triggered when a logged in iStock member with a buyer account looks at a file close up page i.e. the page that files can be directly downloaded from. A contributor viewing their own file page will not register nor will any other contributor viewing that page. A file being moused over and viewed with the loupe function in search results does not count either. Views will only count if they are made by an active non-contributor iStockphoto account.

So, just to be clear, there is no site bug affecting the view counter. What we do have though is a difference between what the counter registers now and what it registered before September 2012. Prior to that date, the rules governing the kinds of accounts that would trigger the counter were less restrictive, therefore contributors used to see more views but which actually came from non buyer accounts.

Several contributors have reported that they now get perhaps 10% of the views that they got before the change, but we can see from the sales threads that sales have not fallen to 10% of what they were, so comparing views now to views then is not an accurate measure of the amount of actual likely buyers who are seeing files.

It's not a question of "Where have all the buyers gone?" but a question of "Where did all the views data created by non buyers go?" Basically, don't worry too much about comparing the view figures of now to then because the systems are so different as to render comparisons meaningless. Hope that clarifies things a little.

ETA: the views issue seems to cause concern, especially among those who are less frequent visitors to the forums, so I shall retitle the OP and leave this up in the hope that it helps explain things to others.

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