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VECTOR: Application issues

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Posted Wed May 15, 2013 10:05AM
I am almost beside myself trying to figure out what I can do to satisfy the reviewrs with my vector application files. One has been accepted but it seems a great task to get the other two approvals I need. All rejections come with the same canned response " nnWe're sorry but this artwork is not what we are currently looking for in terms of composition, color usage, use of line and shape, concept, detail and/or file complexity."
I have sought feedback from the forum and have been advised that my linework needs consistency and that my shapes should in the main be created rather than using the eleipse tool for example. 
My subsequent submissions took these into consideration and yet I get rejected with the same canned reasons and I cannot figure what EXACTLY is the issue with my vectors. A more tailored response would have helped. 
So I contacted support on the matter. I even made a comparison between my application files and a recently accepted application file from another contributor titled "cartoon earth with cell phone". I see no reason why my files were any worse. Sorry again but I have to compare because I feel that I am unfairly treated. 
The response form support was as follows...
"Thank you for your message and sorry to hear that you are not having any luck with your illustration application. 

Have you taken a look at all the illustration resources on this page: 

It seems to me that it's not so much the quality of your illustrations as it is that the files you are submitting are not really what our clients are looking for. 

Please let me know if you have further questions."
I thought that saleability had nothing to do with APPLICATION files but rather capability and potential as a vector artist in the work that is presented.
Here are some recent rejected files.
So many attempts...but I will not give up. 
Your feedback again is welcomed.

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Posted Wed May 15, 2013 2:57PM
The standard advice for vector applications (and mine was a long time ago! ) is to demonstrate you can draw. Your cartoons are very basic and simple, and to be frank I suspect most would be struggling to get in to the collection let alone be acceptable as application images.

The backstabber has single weight lines, very odd proportions, and inconsistent use of shading (the thin white line on some shapes but not the others.) It does have a clear concept.

The football one concept makes no sense to me (maybe it would if I were from the US!) and is composed almost entirely of simple shapes, with little to no drawing involved-past discussions of applications indicate that this approach to constructing illustrations does not succeed at the application level.

Moneyman suffers a bit at the drawing level. He appears to have one hand/arm bigger than the other - and the white features on pale yellow dissapear, especially at thumbnail size.

The torch is better drawn, but a bit simple for an application image.

I'd say you need to go back and do a bit more work on basic drawing and visual communication skills (and maybe post a few ideas here before your next application)
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Posted Thu May 16, 2013 7:28AM
Good feedback...more clarity obtained. Appreciated.
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Posted Thu May 16, 2013 8:22AM
It might be worth your while to explore some vector tutorials online as well as this illustration trend article here on iStockphoto. Your application samples here are too simple and similar. The challenge here is to develop your own style and increase your knowledge and ability to utilize the illustation software. Illustration tutorials can help challenge you to approach a particular idea or design you have in different ways. Tutorials can also help enable you to learn different techniques and tools within the software you're using, which can greatly improve the quality and visual appeal of your illustration. Read the illustration trend article. It's important to keep an ear to the ground...research and explore what's out there. You will soon find yourself being 'influenced' by what you like and hopefully be inspired enough to develop your own style. Last but not least, try not to compare yourself to others. The more you work away at developing your skillset and style, the more confidence you will gain in your own work! Hope this helps!

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