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Steam train. Caption rejection Notice

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Posted Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:25AM
Hi, I have a question regarding a rejection. I have a photo of a fireman clearing out the coals from a steam treain. The notice reads: 

***Please be more precise on location, we need to know if this is an acceptable location***

The caption is too short and doesn’t describe the scene successfully. Please add more information to your caption. The caption is where you need to supply the 4 W’s. Who is in the photo (if a person is present), What is happening in the photo, When was the image taken and Where was the image taken? Please provide captions in the following format.
City, Country – Month, Date Year: Caption text
For more information on accurate captioning please see this thread

The Caption reads:

Henley on Thames, England - May 19, 2013: Steam Train Fireman Clearing Out The Hot Coals: Steam Train Fireman Clearing out the hot coals from the fire that powered the train; this backend view of a green locomotive was taken with a slow shutter to catch the fiery coals falling into the old wheelbarrow. Steam and smoke bellow from the train.



As for the request for a more precise location should I put what the event was and that it was a public event, or the address of the station, if the name of the actual town is not specific enough?


Also in the caption I have descried what is happening, so do I need to say things like, the fireman is wearing gloves?

Thanks for your help.

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Posted Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:48AM
Although I'm no caption expert, I'd add a little more info about where it was - for example, it may make a difference if you'd shot something like this say in York Train Station as opposed to in York Railway Museum. So adding the specific location / station would probably be a good idea. Also, adding when it was taken, such as was this a regular scheduled service or a Saturday tourist train or family open day etc may help too.

A passing editorial inspector may be able to offer better insight though.
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