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Posted Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:13AM


The items that are the predominant aspect of this file have a distinctive logo or trademark that is likely proprietary to the manufacturer. Certain uses of this file may represent infringement of those rights and with regret, we cannot therefore include the file in the iStockphoto library.

This is a similar photo from CNN: - As an exception not licensed from Getty Images.

I agree with the policy of erring on the side of caution - better to be safe than sorry, and copyright laws can vary from country to country, and the law is one thing and common sense another, but sometimes I am baffled.

An example from recent history. I live in Germany. A city purchased a large controversial sculpture (forget the price). Naturally the local newspaper wanted to write an article and needed a photo, NOT a detail, as the main focus, which was made and published. No problem.

I have a few editorial images of sculptures rejected because the work of art is the main focus. And then I see the postcards! How is this possible?

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