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Minilypses and Model Releases

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Posted Fri Nov 10, 2006 11:43AM
We've seen an explosion of various minilypses around the globe this year. Simply fantastic. Astonishing. So great and we have all, as a community, set so many people in motion on so many levels. Some of these are modest get togethers of local iStockers, with a session or two and small photography chitchat, and some of them are bigger events with more models, more photographers and more everything. These events are an important part of who we are… and of where we are heading as a creative system.

With that said, regarding the uploading process of the shots including models resulting from these events, we have to be on the lookout for model releases that are clear and totally legal. One cannot really, out of the blue, decide that he shall be representing iStockphoto. The Law doesn’t work that way.

For every iStock gathering, we do believe that there should be one person responsible for all model releases, making sure that all information about the model has been filled, and making sure that the signatures are addressed in a proper way, that being in the presence of the model and a witness.

It is acceptable for a designated member of the community to represent iStock ; but it has to be cleared by Calgary before.

We are currently working on an assistance system for people organizing iStock related gatherings and will keep you updated.

For now, please make sure that the model releases are legal.

Thank you so very much indeed.
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