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WANTED: Basket of costume animal noses.

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Posted Fri Dec 1, 2006 7:36PM

Need a vector illustration, cute, cartoony, (but not juvenile cute, more like Japanese cute or mod cute) graphic of a  basket full of plastic animal noses, the kind with an elastic strap that would go around the back of the head to keep the nose on, covering the wearer's (human) nose.  Should include elephants, tigers, dogs, cats, a zebra, etc. and be a round basket with two handles viewed slightly from above so the viewer is "peeking" into the basket.

This is to illustrate a family tradition of putting on animal noses at the holiday from the special basket, so it's okay to have a vague Christmas-y feel to it. Needed ASAP, would have sent to buy request but alas it's shut down. Several requests to come through December for vector illos and holiday flash pieces (small, cute simple) so please watch the threads here if that may be right for you even if this request is not.

I particularly like the work of illustrators here like Zpopp, simonox, dodeskaden's figurative stuff, and aykuterdogan if that helps at all, with Zpopp and Simponox ranking very high in my tastes. Thanks so much!!
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