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Steel Cage Rules/FAQ - READ ME

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Battle Elder Council
Posted Mon Jan 22, 2007 2:53PM
The Code Of Battle

   The stink of blood, the roar of the crowd, the electric blare of stripped and mangled images: Welcome to the iStock Steel Cage. Your center ring for bare-knuckle, back-alley Photoshop knockout bouts. This is the Code of Battle, and everyone must submit, or get out of the way. Learn it, live it, and don't ever question it. Glory and adoration await those who triumph in the Cage. Long sleepless nights and some new Photoshop classes are the fate of those who fail.

   If you can post in the forums, you can start a battle. Become a Steel Cage member just by checking the box in your Site Setting Preferences. People that do not sign up for the Steel Cage roster cannot be challenged. Just make sure you have the stomach to follow through. The Steel Cage floor is sticky with what's left of those inept and unprepared glass-jaws that bit off way more than they could chew. But if you've got the eye of the tiger, the hooks, the brass knuckles, click the Begin a Battle button. (You can't miss it. It's a big 'Create a New Battle', at the bottom.)

Select an Opponent
  • After you begin a battle, you'll see a list of your Creative Network members. You can call out one of them, or challenge any other iStock member. (You won't be able to challenge members already involved in battles, or otherwise ineligible.) A Battle is always between just two players. Drop in some prime trash talk and fire off your challenge. You are now the Contender. Stay off the ropes and keep your head up! Keep those feet moving!
  • Your Opponent has up to two days from the initial challenge to respond. If they do not, the battle will expire, and the bloodthirsty masses will have to find something else to do. Opponents receive a sitemail with your Challenge, and have the option to either strike the first blow, or defer to the Contender.
  • The first blow must be posted within three days of acceptance to the challenge, or the Battle will expire.

  • Each blow must land no more than three days after the previous one. A battle lasts 5 rounds for each player, for a total of 10 blows (including the opening shot).
  • Exceeding the three-day limit will result in immediate disqualification and dishonor. So don't hide in your corner for too long, and if you must go to the hospital, take your laptop.
  • Once 5 rounds are completed, the Battle Elder Council will convene and declare a winner. The winner will receive a number of credits at the discretion of the Battle Elder Council (you'll find that most things in life are at their discretion), as well as the glorious adoration of the masses. The loser loses, and should get back to that punching bag. The decisions of the BEC are final.

  • Each blow must consist of a small thumbnail jpeg (350 x 263 px), large thumbnail jpeg (800 x 600 px) and a .psd file (800 x 600 px) passed between players, posted in the Steel Cage forum. These files are hosted in the Steel Cage. Upload both files in the fields at the bottom of the thread.
  • Battles cannot be launched with a single existing photo or image. A completely new image must be created especially for the battle.
  • Players can only post images during their turn.
  • In each blow, a single layer is added to the original .psd. Elements of the subordinate layer must be visible. Blows that entirely conceal the lower layer will forfeit the match.
  • All the old layers from previous blows can be merged down, as long as the file keeps the new blow in a separate layer.
  • Trash talking is acceptable (and encouraged!) in the Challenge, but no participant may slam another's work once the battle has begun. Good gamesmanship will be considered at Judgment time. (Of course, both the Contender and Opponent should expect a barrage of heckling from the Peanut Gallery, but those with thin skin ought to stay out of the Cage.)
  • No copyrighted material/trademarks can be used in a battle.
  • Images generated for a battle are not eligible to be uploaded for sale on iStockphoto.

  • A player or judge may throw a flag at any time if a foul is committed. So keep it above the belt, and take that roll of nickels out of your fist. Each player has a single flag to throw. Players with a foul will be marked with a red warning flag. When a player receives two flags they are disqualified. Judges retain the right to issue or overrule flags at their discretion. Players are free to dispute the judges' decisions, just like they're free to climb into the lion cage at the zoo (in other words, it's not a good idea.)
  • Players known to fight dirty may find themselves with a new icon, so if you don't want a reputation as an alley brawler, keep it clean.

  • A player may be disqualified for receiving two or more foul flags, or allowing the three-day time limit between blows to expire. They will be marked with a black flag, and should slink away in shame to think twice about ever daring the cage again. Players who win Battles by disqualification receive no credits, which is bound to make them testy, irritable, and ready to get back into the Cage.

   The Battle Elder Council
  • Each battle is judged by the three permanent members of the Battle Elder Council. No one knows where they came from, and their motives are mysterious. They are not to be meddled with. They are, however, to be cajoled, flattered, impressed, and bribed.
  • Members of the BEC may not be openly challenged, but may themselves challenge others. This will only happen very occasionally. A Battle Elder participating in a match will absent themselves from the council for the duration and choose a guest replacement.

   Guest Judges
  • The Battle Elder Council may, at their discretion (they have a lot of discretion) appoint guest judges for
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