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Forget any people shots without MR

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Posted Wed May 23, 2007 12:31PM
Posted By sjlocke:
You don't have to upload a piece of paper. Any size empty jpeg works.

Reminds me of the ditsy secretary who realized they were nearly out of typing paper, so she inserted a blank sheet into the photocopier and ran off a few hundred more.
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Posted Wed May 23, 2007 2:28PM

Kelvinjay & others-- about the model releases: it was stated again and again on the OTHER thread that it's not all about some precise policy, or strict rules or some exact date after which everything explodes around here!  If you were listening, it's about "growing up", imprecise guidelines which will make "grab shots" less uploadable, and about the fact that many entire countries are tightening privacy laws.  This means we all have to cover our butts-- errrr, or get a model release for any uncovered ones.  It's not about iStock being inconsistent or overly harsh on us.  We should be glad they care, even if it's a pain to care.  They're seeing the writing on the wall, you know? 

And there are probably hundreds of "car image copyrights" threads on here, and they all end up basically at the same conclusion-- that the whole thing is nebulous and inconsistent worldwide and upload carefully but leave the final decision up to the experts. I sorta think the reviewers here have seen the ins and outs of litigation in this business more than most contributors. I'm glad they're there to have the final word, even when I don't particularly like it.  I'd like a lawsuit much less.
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