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Ongoing maintenance?

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Posted Sat Nov 17, 2007 10:22AM

Now the outages of last month are no longer appearing, I sense a complacency amongst us that things are tickety boo.

However, the lack of real time stats, the regular locking out at 0200, the 48+hrs it is taking accepted images to appear in one's portfolio and lightboxes paints a very different picture.

Is the gang of experts that was employed to work through the night on the problems - getting sushi delivered to keep them going - still in place? 

I was hoping for one of those 'well done istock' moments which we seem to respond with whenever we are fed some morsels from the main desk.
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Posted Sun Nov 18, 2007 4:51AM

Hmm, well they are still restarting the servers at 0903 GMT most mornings and I have to avoid trying to log-on at that time because of some really weird goings on. I'm not sure if they have solved the problem yet.

Perhaps they will let us know when it is tickety boo again.
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