California Get together- June 26- Near LA

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Posted Wed May 14, 2008 10:14PM

Organized a fun shoot.

June 26th starts around 09:00 and goes until you feel like leaving.

Shoots with local photographers and models at Malibu Creek State park in Southern California. The area is easy to access and offer a wide variety of background. The place makes for a nice western feel, or dessert feel. Staged hiking and climbing is easy to do here and the area is good for a lot of different concepts.

There is also a small river/creek. This park is often used to film Korean war movies and is where Mash was filmed, so the hills should look farmilaiar to many of you.

We already have a few photographers and a couple models willing to pose. We can exchange ideas and shooting advice while getting some great images in a relative shoot period of time.

If you're or might be interested, let meknow. So far we have four photographers, all willing to sign a model release, and two models.  One Caucasian Female and one African American male.

The list of props so far:

laptop computer (for business concepts on the go)
picnic basket with blanket and picnic foods and stuff
sports equiptment
note pad and pen (for someone taking notes)
books (for someone to read a book under a tree in the park)
crutches and ace bandage (handy capped or hurt)
santa claus costume
gorilla costume
doctor and or nurse scrubs and all involved
patient gown and IV drip
business suit
workout (exercise) outfits shorts/t-shirts sweat pants/sweat shirts
barbells etc
assorted sunglasses and safety glasses clear/yellow/dark/mirrored/humor/bug eye/ etc.
cell phones (antique 1980 to present day)
Dial (rotary) telephones
Banana Phone (plastic banana, with cell phone antenna attached, and cell phone buttons added) my creation
Great for a Business Gorilla in a Suit on a Banana Cell Phone with a Briefcase
womans flowery floawing dress with 1960's purse and earings (great for a Girl Gorilla from the 60's)
beach towels
coffee cups of various sizes and styles
soap bubbles and bubble wands
bicycles, tire pumps,
walkman type radios

Anyone welcome.

If you have props you can bring, let meknow.

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Posted Thu May 15, 2008 11:57AM
I'm definitely interested, and I also may be able to convince my girlfriend to model.  I'll get back to you with a list of props I could bring.
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Posted Fri May 16, 2008 7:34PM

I think we'll be OK without a permit if we are not shooting comercially. In all honesty, I sort of see us as abunch of friends learning from each other.


The sun might be in issue. I am willing to show up earlier if people want. I should be able to get a model there earlier too.


I have several people who have shown interest, would you mind shooting me an email so I can consalidate everything into one location. Keeping track of everyone is deficult otherwise.


If we each sign a release and we have a couple pf models, we should get a ton of get shots. My girlfriends is Indonesian, she's a tog too but will madel. One Mayhem model has shown Interest. He's an 18 year old African American. The list is growing.


Shoot me an email and we can discuss modifying the scheduled time.

This should be fun.

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Posted Mon Jun 2, 2008 8:54PM

This sounds like fun and I wish I lived in the area.

selling your images on iStock is commercial, so you may want to check that out, unless you are not planning on uploading and selling any photos from the event.

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Posted Mon Jun 2, 2008 10:06PM
Damnit, can't make it.  I'll be out of town.  Next time!
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Posted Tue Jun 3, 2008 7:06AM

I'm heading to NY the weekend before, but might be back by the 26th.  If so, I will take the road trip from San Diego!  I will let you know!  This is an awesome idea.


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