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How do you protect your photos when you put them online?

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Posted Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:07PM

One hand grenade, some fishing line and an empty soup can... Works great

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Posted Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:26PM
I think that most people who would steal an image would not be likely to buy it anyway. So, for the most part, I don't think this cuts into to istock sales too much. But I could be wrong.

In my opinion, it is more of a moral issue. I can certainly understand why this issue is a concern to people. Most people (including me) hate being ripped off.

In any case, the real concern I have is if someone would steal an image and try to resell it as their own. I think there are several things people can do to ensure that they can ultimatly prove the image is theirs and not someone elses. First, never give anyone the .raw version. If you are selling .jpgs and no one else ever sees the .raw version then you can always prove the files is yours. Once an image is compressed as a .jpg it can never be reversed to the original uncompressed quality. I always shoot in .raw so I feel that this protects me to al least be able to prove my images are mine. Second, if you crop any images you sell then don't ever give away the uncropped version.

EXIF or meta data doesn't really protect anyone since this is too easy to remove. Someone only has to create a blank photoshop image and cut and paste any image into it and then save. All of the saved data is gone at that point.

I have never tried invisible watermarking. I heard that it causes some image blurring and artifacts. But I have not really looked ito it to see if this is true.

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Posted Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:45PM
I have a personal web site and flickr where I only post non-stock images at 85% quality and no larger than 800 pixels max dimension. More than good enough and big for family and friends (and anyone else who stumbles across it) viewing on the web, but wouldn't pass inspection here (but might at those "other" sites). They all have my copyright embedded, but no watermark or anything.
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