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For the watersports folk out there

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Posted Mon Jun 9, 2008 11:43AM

I saw this over the weekend

How was this filmed? I think it is incredible. 
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Posted Tue Jun 10, 2008 4:11PM

Very cool video indeed!

Don't know anything about kiteboarding but I guess you meant the Matrix style effects? Camera moving but the surfer paused or slowed down... Or fixed camera but surfer and background moving at different speeds?

I'm not a guru but I know a few bits and pieces about video post. I think speeding up and slowing down video is pretty easy with effects software like Combustion or After Effects. The bullet-time effect where the camera moves around the "paused" surfer is trickier and needs a few cameras around the subject. Like here: The more cameras the smoother the effect. At around 2:20 you can see a kind of trail behind the surfer when the camera moves. I might be wrong, but this could actually be artifacting from morphing software.

There was some simple 3D animation as well. And many time-lapse (speeded up video) shots.
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