Royalty Schedule

Changes to this rate schedule have been announced that will be effective December 23, 2016. See more here.

The Royalty Rate Level chart below explains what you make as a contributor when your files are licensed.

Each year, new redeemed credit targets will be announced. These targets will be used to guide a contributor's royalty rate during that year and to establish the initial royalty rate for the following year. This initial rate will be the minimum the contributor receives throughout the year, however a contributor's royalty rate increases immediately if their redeemed credits total reaches a new level.

For licenses purchased with a subscription, contributors receive a flat royalty per downloaded file.

How We Calculate Royalties

For files licensed using credits, the contributor's royalty is applied to the net price of credits used to license a file. Credit prices vary depending on when they were purchased (as our prices change over time) and how many were purchased at once (as we discount bulk packages). For licenses bought with a subscription, the flat royalty is calculated based on your exclusivity and the collection your file is in.

Redeemed Credits

Redeemed credits refers to the number of credits used for each credit-based download on the site (based on type, collection and any extended license options added) multiplied by 5. Contributors will have separate redeemed credit totals for each file type they contribute to (e.g., artists who contribute photos and videos will have separate redeemed credit totals for each).

Since subscriptions are calculated by a fixed, per download rate, no redeemed credits will be applied for subscription downloads.

Royalty Rate Levels for 2016

Image Subscriptions
Partner Programs
GI Sales
GI Connect
Redeemed credits Non-Exclusive Exclusive
1,200,000 20% 45%
125,000 19% 40%
35,000 18% 35%
11,000 17% 30%
1,500 16% 25%
Default 15% 25%
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