iStock - Stock Audio Training Manual

1.0 - Introduction

We are calling on all musicians, sound artists, audio engineers, DJ's, and lovers of good sound to help shape our audio community. Join us in our passion for music and all things audio and become a part of the iStock community adding your own flavor of audio compositions. Apply now to start contributing your original music and audio compilations.

We are in the pursuit of quality original content – you must ensure that you are the original creator and owner of all audio submitted. Please read this manual carefully, taking special note of the legal requirements of contributing to the iStock community.

Terms used in this Manual

Sample - A recording of a live environment.

Loop - A piece of audio that can be played continuously and seamlessly, over and over.

Effects - Processes applied to a piece of audio to change its tone or quality.

Dynamic Compression - The use of software or hardware to control the volume of an audio piece.

Noise - Unwanted audible elements within a piece of audio.

Frequency - A specific section of audio pitch.

Bit Depth - Refers to the number of energy levels available in an audio piece.

Sample Rate - Refers to the number of times a piece of audio is measured (sampled) per second.

Distortion - Refers to unwanted or dirty noise that is added into an audio piece.


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