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5.4 - Fonts and Dingbats

Keep in mind, many fonts and dingbats are protected by copyright, so please ensure you research carefully to ensure you are not stepping on anyone's toes when you use existing fonts in your image. Illustrations containing the distinctive and recognizable characteristics of copyrighted fonts will be declined for copyright reasons.

If you are using a font as a minor element within your illustration, it's imperative that you convert the font to paths before submission. Not everyone is guaranteed to have that exact font file in their font library. If you don't convert your font it could default to a system font when opened on another computer. Submissions containing unconverted fonts will be declined.


  • Convert all fonts to paths/outlines before submission


  • Attempt to sell fonts or dingbats as stock if you are not the copyright holder
  • Leave unconverted text boxes in your file

Example of unconverted text defaulting to a system font:

Unconverted Fonts

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