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iStock - Stock Illustration Training Manual

4.1 - File Formats

Vector submissions consist of 1 vector EPS file (Adobe Illustrator 10-compatible), and a separate RGB JPEG preview of your illustration, sized to 1900 x 2800 pixels (minimum).

You are also welcome to include alternate file formats or alternate-color versions in a separate ZIP folder if you wish, although this is not required.

Vector EPS File

The AI10 compatible EPS file is critical to your file's acceptance: without it we can't review your submission.

JPEG Preview

It's critical that your JPEG preview match your illustration, so double-check that you're uploading the correct preview with your vector EPS. The color, subject matter and composition of your JPEG must accurately reflect your EPS, or your illustration will be declined.

You're welcome to make your JPEG larger than 1900 x 2800 pixels if you wish.

Please note, we ask that contributors NOT add captions, close-up views or descriptive text to their preview JPEGs, as this text cannot be translated into different languages. Please use the “Title” and “Description” fields to describe your image instead (for more information on titles and descriptions please see the Metadata chapter of this manual).

Alternate Files (optional)

You may upload alternate file formats (such as AI, FH, Corel or PDF files), or alternate-color versions of your illustration if you choose. Your alternate files must be placed in a ZIP folder, which is uploaded separately from your AI10 EPS and preview image. Please note, the ZIP folder is optional and you are not required to include other file formats if you don't wish to.

Please do not include personalized text messages or other items not related to your illustration in your alternate file folder. ZIP folders containing additional messages or anything unrelated to your illustration will be declined.


  • Save your vector file as an Adobe Illustrator 10-compatible EPS file.
  • Create a separate JPEG thumbnail of your file, sized 1900 x 2800 pixels (minimum).
  • Submit alternate file formats and/or alternate-color versions of your illustration in a separate ZIP folder if you wish (optional).


  • Upload AICS+ vector EPS files: These files cannot be opened into some vector software programs.
  • Include personalized notes or other unrelated files in your ZIP folder.
  • Add captions, titles, or descriptive text to your preview JPEGs: This text cannot be translated into different languages.

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