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4.0 Title, Description & Keywords

4.1 Image Titles

Think of the title as the “elevator pitch” for your image – a succinct but descriptive explanation of the file. The image title is an important part of the file close-up page, and generally a web page's title is given a little more weight by the major search engines. You want your titles to be brief, accurate, and descriptive.

Good naming practices include:

  • Accuracy and precision (eg., “Golden Delicious Apples on a Table”)
  • Include the image's main subject in general terms (eg., “Building”, “Woman”, “Apple”)

Some of the things we cannot accept in image titles are:

  • Default camera naming (eg., “IMG_6621.jpg”)
  • Repeated words (eg., “Apples, Apples, and More Apples!”)
  • Personal naming conventions (eg., “Apple 21”)
  • Leading characters intended to appear first in an alphabetical sort (eg., “01 Apple”, “AA Apple”)
  • Model's names or other identifications (eg., “Cynthia Eating an Apple”)
  • Characters from a non-Western alphabet (eg., “Синтия Рестораны Apple”)

For more information on good titling practices, please read this article.

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