Image Created 1890-1899 Stock Illustrations and Vectors

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Mark Lemon
In a Red Indian village - Victorian engraving
Victorian children feeding a dog
Two small Victorian girls waiting in a shop
1890's High Society Woman with Parasol - Time
1890's High Society Couple
Chinese mother and child - Victorian engraving
Queen Victoria
Small Victorian child looking up at a man
Hide and seek - Victorian children at play
Girl Traveling - Retro
Victorian housemaid flirting with the footman
One man violently throwing another
Sleeping children in a Romany caravan
Theatrical characters - The Stage Comic Man
Theatrical characters - The Stage Child
1890's Children Playing with Hoop and Stick
Victorian / Edwardian costume design
Sunday afternoon with Father
Victorian homemade birthday card, 1890
Japanese mother with two children - Victorian engraving
Greenland village - Victorian engraving
Victorian children greeting an excited dog
Theatrical characters - The Stage Heroine
Theatrical characters - The Stage Lawyer
Timid young Victorian lovers
Elderly man chucking a housemaid under the chin
Drunk and disorderly
Victorian New Year card
Small Victorian boy in a formal garden
stone cabin
1890's High Society Couple
The Original
Asshur Chief of all gods -Assyrians Engraving 19th Century
Art NouveauFrame
Victorian man and woman colliding
Man teasing a housemaid
Russian mother and cottage - Victorian engraving
Victorian couple with a Romany caravan
Calendar for 1890
Theatrical characters - The Stage Adventuress
Theatrical characters - The Comic Lovers
Bewildered and bewhiskered old man
Victorian boy with school books and a dog
Victorian / Edwardian lady's fashion design
child's dress
Victorian/Edwardian design for costume ball: Elizabethan serving
Middle aged Victorian woman
Victorian man with a nurse and children
Man and woman arguing
Theatrical characters - The Stage Peasants
Theatrical characters - The Stage Hero
Victorian greetings card with saluting soldier and lady, 1896
Victorian woman with a group of children
Sunday service at the Foundling Hospital
Victorian parents mourning the death of their child
Victorian children in the woods
1890's High Society Couple
Theatrical characters - The Stage Detective
An African village - Victorian engraving
Theatrical characters - The Stage Servant Girl
Victorian women filling soda syphons
Victorian toddlers eating a nursery meal
Woman tweaking a man's ear
Victorian babies in a nursery
An African market - Victorian engraving
Woman feeding children by a campfire
Slightly imbecilic yokel
Scowling Victorian theatre-goer
Small Victorian boy visiting a sick friend
Victorian sailor dancing the Hornpipe
Thomas Coram's Foundling Hospital
Strangely dressed man pleading with a woman
Two women listening to Jesus Christ
Two men in a disagreement
Victorian family in a canal boat
Theatrical characters - The Stage Villain
Man with slapped face
Girl hiding in a tree
Victorian / Edwardian dress design
Victorian / Edwardian lady's dress design
Victorian family around the tea table
Victorian mother putting her children to bed
Victorian mother holding a little boy
Two men talking by a blazing fire
Workers in a Victorian jam factory
W.G. Grace
Workers in a Victorian bottling plant
Victorian mother with baby in a cradle
Mother and daughter dancing in a field
Disagreement between two men
Victorian nurse with a patient
Shocked Victorian woman finding a man on the floor
Altercation and tears
Man eavesdropping on a conversation
Victorian woman pleading with her husband
Vintage Man With Mustache
Orphan girls in the Foundling Hospital school
Woman feeding birds at a window
Victorian boy talking to his parents
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