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King Edgar
Vector blazon
Fleur Di Lis Gold with Border
King William and the English Leaders
Queen Victoria in 1837
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Napoleon Bonaparte
Empress Eugenie
Pink Princess
Simple Blank Frame Design with Banner
Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Katharine Howard (antique engraving)
La Fontaine's Fables - Frogs who asked for a King
Wallenstein Warned (antique engraving)
Madame de Maintenon (antique engraving)
La Fontaine's Fables - Frogs who asked for a King
Pumpkin Cartoon - Thumbs Up
Freeing the Thames Bridges
La Fontaine's Fables
Rudolf II. Grants the Letter of Majesty (antique engraving)
The Duke of Friedland Retires from the Army (antique engraving)
Louis XIV. (antique engraving)
Louis de Bourbon, prince of Conde (antique engraving)
King Philip II of France in Procession (antique engraving)
Henry IV. at Ivry (antique engraving)
Death of the Duke of Guise (antique engraving)
Reconciliation of Ludwig with Friedrich (antique engraving)
The Archduke Karl (antique engraving)
Louis XVII. in the Temple (antique engraving)
Mary Stuart led to execution (antique engraving)
Scene with prince Henry IV of England (antique engraving)
Louis XI and Edward IV conversation (antique engtaving)
Queen Elizabeth I of England (antique engraving)
Return of Catholic Prelates under Mary I. (antique engraving)
The Death Warrant Delivered to Mary Stuart (antique engraving)
Sultan of Djiokdjiokkarta
Meeting of Napoleon and Queen Louise, Tilsit (antique engraving)
Sultaness of Djiokdjiokkarta
Karl IV Enters Avignon (antique engraving)
Sultan or Queen Jumbe Fatima bint Abderremane, Queen of Moheli
Gustav Adolf Landing in Pomerania (antique engraving)
Friedrich's Reception of Eleanor (antique engraving)
Count von Moltke (antique engraving)
Charles V. at Fugger's (antique engraving)
Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) (antique engraving)
Princess de Lamballe
Beatrice led into the Diet (antique engraving)
Toilette of a roman lady of rank (antique engraving)
Francis Drake knighted by Elizabeth (antique engraving)
Elizabeth signing Mary's Death Warrant (antique engraving)
Canute by the Seashore (antique engraving)
William, Prince of Orange (antique engraving)
Renaissance Fashion - Prince
King Henri IV of France
Francois Dauphin de Viennois
Queen Claude of France
Henri d'Albret
Medieval Fashion French Princess
Medieval Fashion Queen of France
Saint Clotilde
Two fighting Kings
Arrest of Bahadur Shah II
Kings Captured
Chait Singh rendering homage to Warren Hastings
The Flight of Hyder Ali
Napoleon III on the Battlefield
Prince Albert
Prince Albert
Nicholas I of Russia
Queen Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen
King William IV
Caroline of Brunswick
Charles Edward Stuart
Seal of King George I
King James II at Kinsale
Mary Queen of Scots
Interior of Henry VII's Chapel
Seal of King James I
Seal of Queen Elizabeth I
King Charles II entering London
Charles II and the Duchess of Portsmouth
King James I at Hampton Court
Richard III at Bosworth
Shrine of Prince Arthur
King Richard III
Edward IV of England
Henry VI of England
Henry IV of England
Battle of Lewes
Departure of the Crusaders
King John's passage of the Wash
Penance of King Henry II
Edward the Black Prince
Henry III of England
Stephen, King of England
King Henry I of England
King William II of England
King Egbert
Queen Elizabeth the First
Alexandra of Denmark
Princess Mary of Teck
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