Introduction to Corporate Accounts

As a Corporate Administrator, you assume the role of taking charge of how your company purchases files from iStock. Our powerful Corporate Account tools help you get the most of our files while allowing you to keep your accounts and budget in check. Save your business time and money on high-volume credit packages, and manage Sub-Accounts for each member of your team. Browse for royalty-free stock photography, vector illustrations, video footage and Flash files.

30 day billing with terms

Pending approval, you can choose to be invoiced for your credit pack purchases. Our invoicing system lets you pay for your credit packs 30 days after purchase, tracks your statements and notifies you when payments are due.

Administrative privileges

Sign up as an administrator to add unlimited sub-accounts for our team, set sub-account credit limits, grant or restrict access to features and monitor account activity.

Distribute Credits

Buy credits for your entire team and set limits on how many credits a subaccount can use using our corporate account tools.

Detailed reporting

Get reports on financial activity within your network. Keep track of who downloads what and stay organized with reporting tools that output to a downloadable Excel file.

Streamlined Communication

Within a large group of users you may have multiple projects and departments. With a Corporate Account you have communication tools throughout our system for your entire network.

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