Sub-Account Corporate Credits

Your credit pool is the virtual bank where your Sub-Accounts make their withdrawals. You set the limits to ensure everyone spends within your budget.

You can edit privileges, profiles and manage Sub-Accounts individually. This gives you total control over how much pull a Sub-Account has from your credit pool. These Admin options are at the core of what makes iStock Corporate Accounts an essential tool for your company. In your Corporate Network View, find a Sub-Account and choose to Edit Limits.

Adjusting Corporate Credit limits

A Sub-Account can pull credits from your Corporate Credits pool. You get to choose how much they can pull on a monthly or fixed term basis.

A monthly limit will ensure that every month, a Sub-Account can pull a set number of credits from your Corporate Credits pool. When the month ends, the system resets their usage back to 0 (zero) so they can pull up to the monthly limit all over again.

A fixed limit does not reset the Sub-Accounts usage when the new month begins. Once they have used their credits, Sub-Accounts cannot download any more imagery. You can switch between fixed and monthly limits at anytime, however, doing so will reset their usage back to 0 (zero).

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