Assigning Sub-Accounts a Subscription

Once you've purchased a Subscription plan, you can set it to a Sub-Account. If you have a Subscription package that can have multiple users, you can set it to multiple Sub-Accounts.

Click on the modify limits button and you will see your active Subscriptions. From here you can click on a Subscription and apply it to the Sub-Account. Follow the instructions that pop up.

Subscription Rules

  • Subscription packages have a max number of users so get the one that is appropriate for your team.
  • Plans cannot be upgraded, however you are allowed to buy as many Subscription plans as you need.
  • As an Administrator you can also use a Subscription package and are counted as one user who is assigned to the package.
  • The Sub-accounts get access to a certain amount of credits that is replenished daily. You can set limits on this for each Sub-Account much like the Corporate Credits limits.
  • For a Sub-Account to use a package, they must be assigned to it. You can do this in your Sub-Account management view.
  • Each Sub-Account can use only one subscription package at a time.
  • When a Sub-Account is set to a Subscription, they are binded to it for a minimum of 30 days. That is, they are committed to using that Subscription package for at least 30 days. As an Administrator, you are free to release yourself from the Subscription.
  • When a Sub-Accounts binding expires, you can remove it from the plan. If you choose neither, the Sub-Account will simply continue to use the Subscription, and you can remove them out anytime after the 30 days.
  • Sub-Accounts can have access to Top-up credits and will pull from the Top-up pool on an all or nothing rule. No permission, no Top-up.
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