Apply to pay with corporate terms

Need an invoice? No problem.

  • For every credit package you purchase, we'll send you an invoice that is payable within 30 days
  • When buying credits at checkout you'll see 'Corporate Terms' as a payment option
  • Real-time balance updates under 'Account' then 'Corporate Terms'

You can fax or email your application to 403-398-6815 or

Making A Corporate Terms purchase

Once you're approved for corporate terms, here's how you can use them:

  • You're approved for credit and ready to buy iStock credits.
  • Choose credits that work for your team
  • When you check out, select "Corporate Terms" as your payment method
  • We'll instantly email you an invoice payable within 30 days. We'll also send you reminder notices before your credits expire.

Payment methods

Acceptable forms of payment are: (1) international money orders (2) USD cheques drawn ONLY on US or Canadian banks (3) Wire payments in EUR, GBP, USD or JPY.

Please note: Customers outside of Canada and the US must use international money order or wire transfer to make payments. They cannot use cheques under any circumstances.

Cheque Payment Instructions

For USD payments only and only if drawn on a US or Canadian bank. Remit to:

Regular mail:

iStockphoto LP
C/O Dept 2587
P.O. Box 122587
Dallas, TX 75312-2587

Courier mail:

iStockphoto LP
C/O Lockbox 892587
1501 North Plano Rd.
Richardson, Texas

Questions regarding invoices can be directed to

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