Duckweed Stock Photos

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Baby Frog
Trees and lake in park
frog I
Louisiana Swamp
turtles, Trachemys scripta elegans, on log
Old Barn in Idaho
Old Barn in Idaho
C&O Canal Pond And Duckweed
Juvenile Male Wood Duck, Aix sponsa, In Duckweed
Lotus leaf
Alligator in water with duck weed.
Camden Lock Market, London
Sleeping American Alligator (A. mississippiensis)
Otter eating fish in pond
Beautiful pink water lily
Pink Water Lily
Landscapes with fog in sunrise
Lotus leaf
Lotus leaf
Pair of black swans feeding
Florida Red Bellied Turtles
frog III
Aquarium Fish- Cichlid Hummingbird Yellow.
Bridge water duckweed
Bridge water duckweed
old boat
Bog water duckweed
In the forest.
Shows reflection with rock and mountain
dry oak leaf
dry oak leaf
Swamp Habitat
Water drops on green lotus leaf
Father and toddler son watching nature at pond
Hiding Frog
lemna minor texture
forest Lake
quiet summer river
great blue heron stalking for fish
Water drops on large duckweed
calm river
Two Tiny Frogs Close-up
Bullfrog on a pond
Beautiful scenics in Xixi National wetland park
Snapping turtle peeking out of duckweed
Goose in a pond
seaside Varna
Montbretia (Crocosmia masoniorum)
Old half-sunken boat
overgrown tarn in a forest
head of frog in duckweed
Duckweed in the park pond
picturesque lake
green duckweed on water as background
Small pond
Pond and water plants at summer day
Forest pond
small pond
morning on river
hippopatamus in water lettuce
Duckweed Background
Water Lily Flower
old tire
Natural alder-carr stand of Bialowieza Forest with standing wate
Summer at the lakeside
Natural alder-carr stand of Bialowieza Forest with standing wate
pygmy hippo
Wild duck
Wild duck
Wild duck
Brown sheep in the wide dutch meadow
Drinking horse with her foal
Swamp in the forest
Sleeping Alligator
Pond in the center of Bergen
underwater life
Marsh frog
White to Green Porch Banister Pillars
stairs in a canal-lock
Forest lake
Forest lake
Forest lake
Forest lake
Wooden Post
Water Polution
Image of concrete garden pond with water lilies, bog plants
Swamp Bullfrog
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