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Antique illustration of Russet apple
fork and knife
Bees In Threes
Engraving cattle 1877
Antique illustration of vine
Antique illustration of European pear (Pyrus communis)
Antique illustration of Ryegrass (Lolium)
Pomegranate | Redoute Flower Illustrations
Antique illustration of chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile, Anthemis
The Robin
Antique illustration of Haemanthus (blood lily)
Antique illustration of Sequoiadendron giganteum (giant sequoia,
Antique illustration of Barley (Hordeum vulgare)
Antique illustration of schooner
Antique illustration of rousselet de reims poir
Antique illustration of ancient reaping machine
Little Girl Reading A Picture Book
Charles Darwin portrait
Picking Apples
Human Anatomy Drawings
Victorian engraving of chimpanzees in the jungle
Antique illustration of reptile turtle fossil
Antique illustration of Brasilian jungle
La Fontaine's Fables - Death and the Woodcutter
Human Elbow Joint
Retreat From Fort Walker
Front of Human Sphenoid Bone
Roger's Slide at Lake George
The Grotto
Gardiner's River Hot Springs
Construction of Floating Mortar Batteries
Herding Pigs
Making a Kite
Girl playing with dolls
Boy and toy boat
The Death of Corso Donati
Timely Rescure
Arrighetto and the Princess
Bocca Degli Uberti
Gostanza's Prayer
Lesson in Love
Two Victorian gentlemen talking in a garden
Ore-crusher with patent Cubing jaw (antique engraving)
King's Own Scottish Borderers
35th (Royal Sussex) Regiment of Foot
Queen's Own Royal Regiment
57th Duke of Cambridge's Own ( Middlesex) Regiment
The 24th South Wales Borderers
Sketch of woman clench his fists
Fauteuil. By Mazaroz-Ribalier. Style of Henri II.  (engraving)
Splitting (antique engraving)
Jewelry-making: Boring holes with a drill (antique engraving)
Professor Louis Agassiz (1807 - 1873) (antique engraving)
Decorative ornament (antique engraving)
The Black Watch
Chelsea pensioner
The future Queen Victoria, aged 10
Mars and Cupid
American Falls
General Darius H. Couch Engraving
Virginia Natural Bridge
Young Italian woman giving a drink to an old lady
China Upper Kara-Kash Valley
Victorian man working with a trowel
43rd Oxfordshire Light Infantry
79th Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
1st Middlesex Volunteers
Boy with a bird
The Royal Horse Artillery
Horse Guards
Woman and the Bull
Pope Boniface VIII at Alagna
The Master Thief
15th East Yorkshire Regiment
2nd The Queen's Royal West Surrey
23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Bee and a fly
Making Tea
Looking at a Snail
Night Expedition in the Mississippi River
Colonel Lewis Wallace
Royal Artillery
68th Durham Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)
Military Doctor
East Lancashire Regiment
Seaforth Highlanders
The Honourable Artillery Company
Two Victorian girls watching a weeping woman with a man
The Lady of Belmonte
Renaissance Fashion - Damoiselle
Enamels on Gems of the Vienna exhibition (antique engraving)
Silesian furnace (antique engraving)
Jewelry-making: The scratch-brush (antique engraving)
Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant (1800-1886)  (engraving)
Jewelry-making: Diamonds polishing (antique engraving)
Heidelberg Castle
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