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draft horses disking
People walking on street, (Rear view), (B&W)
Graduation Memories
Old emblem
Young couple walking arm in arm on sidewalk, (B&W)
Father reading to son (4-5) and daughter ( 6-7)
Young couple strolling in field arm in arm, (B&W)
Vintage Poster
Smiling woman wearing apron posing in studio, (B&W), portrait
Old Basball Glove
Man sitting at desk, holding pencil to lip, (B&W), portrait
Woman sitting on diving board, man grasping her hand
Grunge tropical postcard
Antique Wedding Dress
Vintage Wallpaper
Waiting to Go
Vintage Old Wallpaper
Young woman using phone, smiling, (B&W), portrait
in the park - old photo
old vintage wooden chair and table
Young couple embracing in field, man kissing woman, (B&W)
Paddling Toes in the Sea
Stars and Stripes Paper XXXL
Elegant man posing in studio, (B&W), close-up, portrait
Vintage Portrait
Young businessman sitting at small desk, holding pencil, (B&W)
Brooklyn Bridge
Two couples on springboard, (B&W), low angle view
Man in Rusty Train Car
Couple pulling wishbone in studio, (B&W), close-up, portrait
Computer dump # 19
Mother with three children (4-5, 6-7, 8-9) posing
Woman in kitchen making pie (B&W)
Group of people standing on cruiser deck (B&W)
Couple holding books, posing in studio, (B&W), portrait
Aged paper with name address and social security background
Man on springboard ready to jump, (B&W), low angle view
19th Century Medicines
Summer Rose Close Up Antique Floral Fabric
Girl (4-5) sitting at table, talking on landline phone
1920Woman Carrying Luggage and Tickets
Electronic waste
Elegant man posing in studio, (B&W), portrait
Vintage Portrait of Little Girl in Giant Chair
Family posing at home, children (8-9) (10-11), (B&W), portrait
Young woman smiling, posing in studio, (B&W), (Portrait)
Sewer worker descending below street, (B&W), close-up
Young woman drying dishes in kitchen (B&W), portrait
Mother with son (2-3) walking on beach, (B&W), portrait
Farmer Series
Victorian Postcard with Rose Detail
Woman showing shopping list in studio, (B&W), portrait
Two couples relaxing outside, (B&W)
Mother lifting up son (6-12 months), (B&W)
Destruction 2
Senior talking on phone at desk in office (B&W),
Philippine Islands victory stamps on envelope 1945
Senior businessman posing at desk in office (B&W), portrait
Mother bathing daughter (12-18 months) in basin, (B&W)
Pocket Watch and Photos
Vintage Little Things
Woman typing, posing and smiling
Two couples on springboard, (B&W), low angle view
Woman whistling and snapping fingers in studio, (B&W), portrait
Little girl in 1920
Mother lying in bed smiling to baby (0-6 months)
Woman applying make up at vanity table (B&W),
Woman eating dinner (B&W), elevated view
old dumbells
Woman Holding Single Flower
Young boy (6-7) riding tricycle in park, (B&W), portrait
Old School Telephone Operator
Young woman sitting at desk, writing, (B&W)
Businessman holding ceramic cup, (B&W), portrait
Vintage Girl   View images from same session
Young couple standing in pool, woman waving hand, (B&W)
Couple walking on beach, man carrying ball, (B&W)
mountain scene on old paper
old hotel living room
Expired Parking Meter
Dorking chicken
Woman holding ball on beach, (B&W)
Girl (4-5) learning alphabet (B&W)
Businessman holding thumbs in waistcoat, smiling, (B&W)
Vintage Display
Sister (12-13) helping brother (8-9) with homework, (B&W)
Young couple buying shirt, standing at counter, (B&W)
Father and Children at Beach
Two women whispering in studio, (B&W), portrait
Two boys (8-9) (12-13) ready to start running, (B&W)
Young man gesturing in studio (B&W), portrait
Young Woman Holding Umbrella
Luthier Craftsman Making Cello
Couple in studio, looking thoughtful, posing (B&W), portrait
Family History
Three smiling girls (12-13) in row, (B&W), portrait
Mature businessman overseeing secretary's work, (B&W)
Edwardian Family on Holiday at the Beach
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