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Exercising in park
Girl practicing yoga - Tittibhasana/Insect or Firefly Pose
Girl practicing yoga - Sirsasana/Supported Headstand
Woman puts headphones on, preparation for a run
Woman puts headphones on, preparation for a run
Woman checking the time, preparation for a run
Handsome pole dancer
Resting from the workout
Bodybuilder exercising
Smiling Man Doing Push Ups on a Bridge
Bodybuilder exercising
Bodybuilder exercising
Bodybuilder exercising
Bodybuilder exercising
Attractive Young Strong Male Body Builder Flexing
Smiling Young Woman in the gym Lacing Her Sport Shoes.
Let's play ball!
He takes the sport seriously
I challenge you!
Kettle bell exercise
Kettle bell exercise
Bodybuilder exercising
Cross country runner in rugged landscape
Bodybuilder exercising
Elegant athlete prepares for pull-ups outdoors
Do or do not - there is no try
Your enemy's first mistake should be his last
Upper body strength is important for a good punch
Know yourself and you will win all battles
The focussed professional
Ready for whatever comes his way
Putting his entire body into the punch
When life gets tough, put on your boxing gloves
Having a strong offense is a good defence
Learn to never drop your guard
He's got the look of a champion
I'm the next champion
Training to be a warrior
The warrior is always ready for battle
Real rest is earned
Preparing mentally for the fight
Mental focus is important in martial arts
Never let your guard down
Eat train sleep repeat
Strike while the iron is hot
Keep your eye on the target
Give it all you've got
Time to hit the showers
Hard day of training
Let's do this!
I know where my power comes from
Practice and improve everyday
No limits - no rules - no fear
Ready for another round?
Focus everything you are into the punch
No one withstands his kicks!
It's a long road to perfection
You wanna mess with me?
Let's do this quickly
Train hard and be the best
Are you talking to me
Empty your mind and let the power flow
Take me on...I dare you.
Hope you brought backup
Have you had enough?
Martial arts is not about fighting it's about building character
Striking fear into the hearts of his opponents
Delivering a powerful right hook
Dropping his opponents with a killer strike
Ready for battle
I don't need a weapon...I am one
Let me take you on
The mind is your greatest weapon in a fight
You should be scared
Wait for your enemy to make a mistake
The best fighter is never angry
No more games
Preparing for the big fight
Hope you know how to take cover
The harder you train the shorter the fight
If he can't reach you he can't hit you
If he can't hit you he can't hurt you
He takes fighting seriously
Vibrant and intense living is the warrior's form of worship
Learning is a gift even when pain is the teacher
Focussed on the task at hand
Your anger is your First enemy... overcome it
Jiu Jitsu is the vehicle. Not the road
He always prepares to win
The haymaker
Keep your guard up
Ready to overcome any obstacle
Ready for battle
You Have the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams!
Nothing will stand in my way
Proper preparation prevents poor performance
Prepared for battle
Getting ready for a fight
The life of a fighter
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