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Displaying the correct stance
He's always taken his sport seriously
Hitting the ball with all his strength for victory
Sending a fast ball down the pitch
Making sure he protects himself during the game
Time for an exciting game of cricket
Helping his team with some training exercises
Gearing up to save the day
This one's going to be fast
His eyes speak of determination
His balls were like lightning - fast and flashy
He has what it takes to win
Showing his team how it's done
Here comes the winning ball
He know's he'll do better next time
This was his chance to shine
The sweetness of victory
Cricket is his game
Cricket Key Means Sport Or Match
Cricket Ball Hitting Wickets
Cricket Ball Striking Bat With Particles At Night
Cricket Ball Striking Wickets With Particles At Night
Cricket Player
Cricket bat and ball
Cricket bat and ball
Red Cricket Ball
England v Australia The Ashes
Ashes Stumps
Cricket Ball
Cricket Ball
The tools for a batsman
Cricket ball and glove.
Showing good team spirit
Cricket Ball
White Cricket Ball And Wickets
Cricket Pitch And Wickets Perspective
cricket ball and stumps
Cricket Player
Cricket Ball
Cricket Ball
Australia vs Pakistan
Celebrating with his team
Making sure not to overstep his line
Their goal to win was finally fulfilled
The joys of success in sport
Lets see if you can catch this
Bring his bat around for a reverse sweep
Catches win matches
The long stretch before victory
You're out!!
Facing a bowler with the new ball is always tricky
The safe way to play a shot
Get ready for six more runs
Sometimes you've got to play it safe
Here comes a tricky spinner
Glory at the end of a game
Cropped shot of two opposing cricket players during a match
Time to put this one over the boundary
Showing his team the proper defensive shot
Taking a swing to win!
3 in a row
Sweet victory at long last
Time to get serious
Cricket ball
Bert Sutcliffe Oval, cricket Ground
Cricket stumps and player in the background
Cricket Player
Backyard Cricket bat and ball
Cricket Ball
Cricket wicketkeeper
Cricket batsman
Old cricket ball background
Old cricket ball
Old cricket ball
Old cricket ball
Cricket Ball
ball and bailes
Cricket bat
Cricket Pitch And Wickets Front
Cricket Batsman
Making sure his tools are ready
They know with teamwork the day will be theirs
Cricket Ball
Speed and accuracy is his game
Will he get caught out?
With that shot, they won the match
Cricket Ball
Cricket Ball
Cricket equipment.
Old cricket ball
Cricket Ball
Cricket Player catching a ball
Cricket ball
Cricket batsman
Leather Cricket Ball
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