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Keeping the best for last
Ravishing rear-view
Glowing a mile away...
Her beauty is a light in the darkness
Beautiful and bare
Admire her beauty
Should I?...
More than just a pretty face...
Hiding her true beauty
Dark sensuality
It's all about what you wear
Everything looks better in black
Dark beauty
Showing off her assets
What you looking at?
Step into my world
Let me show you what hides in the dark
Showing it off
Classic beauty
Distracting beauty
Watch as she lights up
Not even the darkness can hide her beauty
No peeking
Loving the body she's in
The rest is still unwritten
Beauty on black
Feel good in your own skin
Let your sexy side out
Her beauty is a light in the darkness
When in doubt, wear black
Lingerie plays a big part in how you carry yourself
Rocking her jeans with everything
Don't be afraid of the dark...
She blends in wherever she goes
Some shoulder presses
Toning the shoulders
Working on her shoulders
Dedicated to fitness
Beauty in the darkness
Here's looking at you kid!
Grow it long and strong
I'll tell you my secret if you tell me yours...
Self confidence and fresh beauty
I'm certain to compliment your message
Optimistic youth representative
Flatbread Pizza
Perfect proportions
Tangible beauty
Going back to the basics of beauty
Making sure every inch of her body is perfect
They drive each other's competitive spirit
BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza
BBQ Chicken Pizza
The best stretching spot ever!
Eating up the miles
What will the day hold...
Smoked sausage
She loves working out!
Calmness is good for the soul
Warming up properly eliminates cramp and stiffness
Taking her fitness to new hights
I wholly approve of your exercise regime!
Let's get physical!
Loving my healthy way of life
I love my healthy lifestyle
I feel and look awesome!
I'm leading you to a healthier life!
Smiling all the way to a perfect me
Working out keeps me looking great and feeling even better
Exercise keeps me looking and feeling great!
Stay focused on your health
Looking and feeling awesome
Looking and feeling great
After workout cocktail
H20 - still the best for hydration
That's some fine H2O
Now that's refreshing!
Packed full of after-workout goodness
Here's to healthy living
Cheers to healthy living
Packed full of vitamins
Eating right is the key to my healthy life
Dieting doesn't have to be bland
Dip into a healthy diet
One goes with the other
This was my route to fitness
Now that's a low BMI!
I'm there!
Here's to your fitness!
Hey you! Let's get fit!
Diet and exercise go hand in hand
I like a full body workout!
That was one great workout!
She's dedicated to health and fitness
Workout with water
Water is key to a proper workout
Staying fit and hydrated
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