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laundry day
Farmer at Paddy Field
Bronze medal isolated on white
Silver medal isolated on white
Bronze medal isolated on white
Battle. Beginning.
Battle. Beginning.
3D numbers forming a sphere isolated on white background.
Number 3
Noodles and crackers
Poor houses
Rich and Poor Table
Earth Like Planet
Desert ground
Worker Repairing Thatched Roof
Drying Coffee Beans
barbed wire
Number 3
The third day of creation
Repair the Hut Roof
old cart
Mexican Bulletin Wall
desert thornes
desert thorns
caribbean house
Farmer at Paddy Field
Girl with a globe of the world
speech bubbles
speech bubbles
Rolling hills in Sikkim India
speech bubbles
Cloud over Kathmandu
Sea harvest
The new Apple Ipad 3 black reflecting on a table
Lonely Tractor at dry river in the Himalaya.
Kathmandu river
Dry desert ground
beach front villa
Street vendor's tricycle in third world country
Chickens outside the yard
Exercise Bike/Clothes Dryer
Desert ground
Busy city street scene
crop failure
Dry desert ground
Kathmandu Panorama, Nepal
Old Town, Beijing Rooftops.
Door and lock
2013; the near future
Ljubljana slums
Homeless person in Hyderabad, India
caribbean house
speech bubbles
mother with children
Pigeons in the sky. Lima. Peru
The new Apple Ipad 3 white version isolated
Mother with childrens
Small village on  south Pacific island
Addicted to oil
The new Apple Ipad 3 white version on a table
german hopscotch on asphalt
Paddy Field
Wooden Salad Tongs
old house
Dirty Hands
Olympic medals isolated on white
Welcome, Tashedi Monastry, Sikkim, India
Retro classroom
third world war
Cuzco street sign (Peru)
Rustic scene
Old indian man
Asian Rice Terraces
Barbed Wire
Olympic medals isolated on white
Bananas at roadside stall, Malaysia
Olympic medals isolated on white: Bronze
wonder nature
Primitive Arrows
African children playing hide and seek
Traditional Sri Lankan Tent
hopscotch on asphalt
Terrace Panorama
Olympic medals isolated on white
Cinema awards
Skanes Cemetery
Girl drawing hopscotch on schoolyard asphalt
Primitive Arrows 02
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