Black Civil Rights Stock Photos

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color in america
Six multiracial hands linked in harmony on grass
Teamwork Symbol - Equality on Earth
Wooden chess pieces (pawns) reflected against sky, odd one out
White Man Holding Black Child
The Right Choice - Shaking Hands
Multi-Ethnic Handshake
Assistance for an African Black Baby
Relationships Between Different Cultures
Helping Hand for African Children
Helping An African Child
Symbols of Peace - A helping Hand
The Rainbow Nation: interracial handshake against South African
Malcolm X Stamp
Racial equality expressed via two coloured ice cream sticks
Travel Selma, Alabama Edmund Pettus Bridge
Booker T. Washington Stamp
Nelson Mandela Book Store
Travel Selma, Alabama Edmund Pettus Bridge
Business Teamwork - Working Together
Six mixed hands grabbing candy; it's a sweet treat!
Sweden Martin Luther King Jr postage stamp
Five mixed air-punching fists against black
Martin Luther King Jr. Stamp
Central High School
Interracial handshake
Lincoln, Deep In Thought
hands in action
Wooden chess pieces (pawns) reflected against sky, odd one out
No racial tension here: interracial handshake on South African f
Universal address: hands holding @ sign
My country! Pile of patriotic British hands on Union Jack
Three patriotic hands joined in front of Union Jack
Six mixed hands reaching for @ sign
Six mixed hands clasped in unity against Brazilian flag
White and black hand shaking hands
Reverend Samuel Osgood
Frederick Douglass Stamp
Martin Luther King Jr. Stamp
USA Malcolm X postage stamp
Six mixed hands piled in support over Brazilian national flag
Pile of patriotic hands on  British Union Jack flag
Black People Holding Hands
Many hands hold up a white @ sign
concerned man against dark wall with word no
Axiom of choice
Freedom and Democracy from Memorial in Soweto, South Africa
barbed-wire in front of old building
Black and white paper strip
Pledging allegiance to the British flag: many hands stacked up
Rainbow nation unity: three clasped hands against South African
We all stand together! Many hands stacked in agreement
Shaking Hands - Equality Symbol
No racial tension here: triple handclasp on South African flag
Little Rock Central High School
Martin Luther King Jr. Stamp
Interracial thumbs-up
Power to the people! Clenched fist spotlit against blue
Lincoln Memorial
The 13th Amendment - Constitution Series
Tripartite alliance: three mixed hands linked in unity against g
Interracial harmony: mixed hands linked four-square on grass
Equality Symbol - Peace on Earth
No To Racism - Peace on Earth Symbol
W.E.B. Du Bois Stamp
School desegregation postage stamp
Interracial thumbs-up
Three mixed hands linked in unity
Black and white paper ring
Fight for Democracy - Hector Peterson Memorial
All for one! Many hands stacked in mutual support.
Friends forever! Four hands clasped in square against grassy bac
What's your address? Modern communication: many hands with @ sig
Four-part harmony; quartet of linked, clasped hands
Quartet of clasped hands show unity and support
Five mixed hands make star shape against grass
Rainbow Nation hands clasped in unity against South African flag
Stack of patriotic hands on Union Jack
Samoa Dr Martin Luther King Jr postage stamps
Many multiracial hands give thumbs up sign of approval
Power salute from group with clenched fists on green
United Nations of hands: five hands clasped against grassy backg
Trio of Brazilian supporters clasp hands over national flag
Visiting the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in Washington DC
USA Jackie Robinson postage stamp
Multiracial hands making OK sign isolated on white
St. Kitts Martin Luther King Jr postage stamp
United we stand: six clasped hands in black and white
Peaceful pentagon: five clasped multi-ethnic hands on grass
Together we stand! Many clenched fists punch air energetically
Man's clenched fist raised in triumph or defiance, against blue
Three clenched fists punch the air against blue background
Brown v. Board of Education: Topeka, KS
Five mixed hands clasped in unity against grass
mentally disburbed looking man behind prison bars
USA Jackie Robinson postage stamp
Young people by Hector Peterson Memorial in Soweto
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