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Acute pain in a woman Pain.
Stomachache, hand on belly
Woman with headache.
Senior man having pain in his shoulder.
neck checkup
knee checkup
knee arthritis
Run off your heels
This is halting my progress badly
Keeping in shape but be careful of injury
Make the pain drive you
Keep your eye on the prize! - Fitness Goals
Competing through the pain
Taking her game, and the pain, up a notch
Pinpointing the pressure
Running through the strain
Owww, my back!
That doesn't feel too good
Too much tension!
It really hurts!
In so much pain!
He's carrying a lot of tension in his body
Feeling the aches and pains
Aging is a pain in the neck
Trying to stop the swelling
Feeling too much of the burn
Tending an injury
Stretching through the pain
Blow to the body
Repetition wears down the joints
Strengthening muscle and joints
Joint jarring run
Taking on the trail one knee at a time
Overwork can cause injury
Contact point discomfort
Playing through the injury
Running through the pain and inflammation
Playing through the pain
Suffering through this trail run
Pushing his body to the limit
Stress points of sports
Wearing down the cartilage
Stretch...and avoid injury
Suffering from knee pain
Your reflection
Feeling too much of the burn
You've got to break down before you can build up
abdominal pain
abdominal pain
my back hurts very hard
my back hurts
Young woman in pain
Cramps in leg calves
Must've been something I ate
Child with stomach pain
Back pain
Stomach Pain
Stomach Pain
forearm pain
forearm massage
Ooh.. There's that indigestion again
Woman with back ache
Pain in a woman's body
Young doctor suffering leg pain
Cramp in calf
Describing symptoms in a doctor's office
Stomachache pain
Woman massaging pain leg
Pain shoulder
Abdominal pain
Neck pain
Neck pain
Why must it be so painful?
Fit woman with back ache
dental pain
Back pain
Back pain
stomach cramps
woman applying cold pack on  swollen hurting wrist
Heart attack
Young woman with thermometer in mouth
Acute pain in a man hand
Stomach problem
black heart of gingerbread
Free Sheep
Medical: Male athlete massages back. Backache. Football locker r
Medical: Physical therapist, male athlete in locker room. Injury
Senior woman
Pain in Achilles-tendon
Physical therapist
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