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Handsome man shrugging.
Female Portrait
DDoS Attack on Dark Digital Background.
We don't know
Man shrugs shoulders
Does anyone have the answer?
I don't know - what do you think?
Confused Man Points At Himself
Shrugging Man
Who Knows
Businesswoman shrugging
Businessman Shrugging
Who Knows
Businessman that gave up or uncertain
Confused Redhead Woman
Uncertain Businessman Shrugging with a Heck If I Know Expression
Businessman Shrugs
Doubtful man sitting and gesturing with hands
Who Knows?
Man looking confused
Don't know
No Idea
Mystery man holding up hand and looking away
Confused businessman
Businessman Shrugging
I don't know
Shadow Man Thinking with Thought Bubble Standing in Sand
Businessman with hands raised giving up
Don't ask me, I have no idea!
Man shrugging
I'm puzzled
Nerdy Office Worker Holding Whiteboard
Young woman talking with her hands
Business Man Shrug
Older woman shrugs
Business Woman on Phone
I Don't Know
Businessman Shrugs from the Back at Desk
Smiling Businessman Shrugging. Isolated
Young businesswoman
Who knows?
Cool teenager
Young Woman Looking Up.
Teacher And Senior Student On Laptop
Shrugging Girl
Isolated young adult businessman shrugging shoulders
Jungle Man Confused
Big Shrug
It wasn't me
Shrugging man
I'm sorry!
Man shrugs
Not Me!
Businessman... Can I help you?
Doctor wearing shirt and tie with don't know look
Expressive indian business man in a bewildered gesture.
Scientist Shrug on White
Baffled Young Man Shrugging Holding Blank Sign
Beautiful girl in studio
Senior man shrugging shoulders
Young Girl shrugging shoulders
In Despair
Female adult shrugging her shoulders and looking up
Scientist Shrug on Gray Gradient
I'm sorry, I have no idea
Shrugging off the stress of business
One of those indecisive moments
Shrugging Young Man
Shrugging Man
Attractive Woman Shrugging Her Shoulders - Isolated
Isolated businessman shrugging
Young woman shrugging
Businessman Office Worker Holds Hands Up at Desk
Bury Your Head
Man shrugging
Shrugging Woman
Got me.  I don't know
Successful young business woman with charming  smile
Shrugging Teenage Boy Standing
Male doctor gesturing
How to Invest?
Shrugging Young Woman
I donno?!
Young Woman Portrait
Young Male Portrait
How should I know?
Young Man Shrugging - Isolated
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