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Young girl depression
Sad woman
Rebellion of woman crying bombs
closed eyes squinting and forehead
Depressed and sad woman alone in the mountain
Man screaming with fear in shower cabin
Fear. Young woman is afraid of a imaginary hands.
Exhausted Woman
Emotion expression-woman face
Frustrated young man in hotel room
Man with indigestion
feeling sick and having fever
Support when she needed it most
Girl problems-Don't ask
Time to see the dentist
Wow, I never knew chocolate could do this
abdominal pain
abdominal pain
Image of upset girl crying on stairs, head in hands
Injured man with head in blood-stained bandages winces in pain
Voodoo Vengence on the Ex
Businessman with bandaged head, face obscured, adjusts his tie
Image of upset girl crying on stairs, head in hands
depression moment of my life
my tummy hurts
worried for my fever
i'm sick of my flu
Depressed Woman Crying
Image of upset girl crying on stairs, head in hands
Image of upset girl crying on stairs, head in hands
Image of upset girl crying on stairs, head in hands
Screaming woman
sneezing woman
i woke up with fever
not a great day
what should i do?
worried for my health
not feeling too great this morning
getting a slow start this day
crying and being worried
i have a terrible flu
look my high fever
oh my god!
Face expression
Just a touch of moisture is all she needs
Wish the drama could end!!!
She carried too much weight on her shoulders
I need a headache pill
Bandaged businessman trying to smile through his pain
Bandaged businessman holds blank sign for your message
Finding his inner strength
Wincing businessman with bandaged head is in pain
Being wise is painful
Give your stress wings and watch it fly away
If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel!
All churned up inside
Terrified man with bandaged head looks to side nervously
Maybe it's time to cut out the take away menu
All that eyecandy might give you toothache!
No loud music for me!
Unhappy Couple
Unhappy Couple
Businessman with bandaged head winces in pain
Depressed man
Businessman, face obscured by bandages, holds blank sign
Businessman with bandaged head yells, clenched fists to temples
Must've been something I ate
They're really sore today
This can't be good
Even the sweet things can hurt you!
Time to book a massage
Tension times ten!!!!
Overwhelmed by intense pain, businessman with bandaged head grim
Blinding headache! Grimacing, bandaged man clutches temples in a
Unhappy businessman, face obscured by bandages, rests head on ha
Bandaged businessman with head resting on hand looks miserable
Pain! Mature businessman holds his bandaged face, wincing
Bandaged businessman, face completely obscured, with chin on fis
Bandaged businessman counts money gleefully, compensation perhap
Healthy dog
Man with bandaged head covers face with his hands
Worrying about her retirement plans
Glum businessman with bandaged head looks worried
Young latin woman with backache
Bitch Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Doll with Blank Tag on White Background
Unhappy businessman with head totally wrapped in blood-stained b
Latin woman with neck ache
Voodoo Doll with tag and glasses
Wife Voodoo Doll Getting Pinned on White
Voodoo Doll with Pins on White
Me as a Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Doll with Pins Isolated on White Background
Voodoo Doll
Young girl depression
Young girl depression
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