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The cow jumped over the moon
Miss Mouse and her homemade wines
Fashionable Georgian woman in a huge skirt
Newly-weds with flower girls in a churchyard
With a rowley-powley, gammon and spinach
Georgian men talking in the street
May Day parade
Georgian pawnbroker hanging his sign
Frog out for a walk in his Sunday best
Frog, Rat and Miss Mouse merry-making
Georgian ladies taking tea
Woman letting a dog through a garden gate
Old fashioned farmer in a smock
Frantic game of catch-as-catch-can
Hyperactive baby and frantic nursemaid
Eighteenth century couple looking out of a window
Contemplative man in a hat
Young Regency era couple getting married
Eighteenth century man out riding with his dog
The cat and the fiddle with dancing children
Paying allegiance to the May Queen
Old lady asleep while the cat steals her breakfast
Nineteenth century schoolmaster
Newly-wed couple in procession
Mother, children and nursemaid in the nursery
Georgian woman asleep in a church box pew
Georgian May Day dancing
Georgian May Day celebrations
Eighteenth century mother admonishing her idle son
And the dish ran away with the spoon
Mature Victorian gentleman enjoying his dinner
Old man, horse and dog
Emotional Victorian man and woman
Three Victorian musicians
Slightly tipsy Parson remembering his youth
Victorian woman tending to a horse
Huntsmen mounting their horses
Newly-wed Victorian couple at the church door
Fox jumping over a gate
Away they went the Pretty Babes
The Mad Dog
In Islington there lived a man
King of Hearts
Knave of Hearts
The Three Jovial Huntsmen
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Sing a Song of Sixpence
The Three Jovial Huntsmen
The Three Jovial Huntsmen
The Three Jovial Huntsmen
The Man all tattered and torn
The Children Home he Takes
Queen of Hearts
Father laying down the law to his daughters
Wine with Miss Mouse
Regency period mother and children in the countryside
Mealtime for Frog, Miss Mouse and Rat
Georgian people walking
Dancing on May Day
Baby Bunting
Father, daughter and horse walking home
Victorian coachman letting go the reins
Victorian woman with a letter
Morris dancing
Christmas cake, crumpets and ale
Huntsmen and hounds in a churchyard
Dog went mad and bit the man
In Islington there lived a man
Queen of Hearts
Georgian woman with four men
Child on a pony
Two milkmaids milking cows in a field
Two dogs
Young Georgian man bidding goodbye to his sweetheart
Regency period people dancing
Woman in a vegetable garden
She-bear in a dress
Man trying to ride a cow
Huntsman with a rifle
Horse riding accident
Grand lady just dismounted from her horse
Georgian man and woman in a shop
Father and daughter on a horse
Frog he would a'wooing go
Victorian lady being served breakfast by a footman
After church
Victorian people outside an inn
Victorian men drinking at a table
Victorian Christmas costume ball
Pack of running dogs
Victorian Christmas revels
Weather-beaten coachman with holly in his button-hole
Village street in winter
Huntsmen and hounds
Cat that Killed the Rat
The Farmer's Boy
Queen of Hearts
Sing a Song of Sixpence
John Gilpin out of Control
John Gilpin
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