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german river
Autumn at Ruhr
autumnal pond
Coal Mine
Early summer evening in valley Ruhr
Sunset light at Ruhr
Sailing on lake Baldeneysee
Rainbow colored pennants
River Ruhr in summer sunset
Cormorant on river Ruhr
Fishing in summer evening
Duck family
Water police boat
Gas ships and coal harbor
Harbor area, restriced access: Duisburg Ruhrort
Piers and cranes of inner harbor Duisburg
Coal shipping
Coal harbor in inland port Duisburg
River Ruhr and inland port Duisburg
Inland port Duisburg Ruhr
Water police boats
River Ruhr in summer
Pier of inner harbor Duisburg
Harbor Duisburg and police boats
Ship in harbor Duisburg
Freight ship in harbor Duisburg
Freight area of inland port Duisburg Ruhr
Crane and containers in harbor Duisburg
Industrial harbor Duisburg
Railway bridge over river Ruhr
Boats and  old building at Ruhr
Seniors with child in boat on Ruhr
Oldtimer MG
Bridge over Ruhr
Panorama Henrichenburg  ship lift germany
Canadian goose family
River Ruhr downstream
MG sportcar oldtimer
Muslim family
Goose with folded wings in air
Goose in air
Spring morning at Ruhr
Morning sky and river Ruhr
Full speed and power
Seniors and oldtimer of MG
Watching old MG
Seniors at Ruhr
Rainy morning at Ruhr
Twig at river in rain
Young Muslim women
Break at Ruhr
Three seniors on bench
River Ruhr and canadian goose
Goose preparing landing
Flying canadian goose over Ruhr
Goose touch down in water
Flying canadian goose
Water level of river Ruhr
Goose on surface of river
Goose landing in Ruhr
Landed canadian goose
Flying canadian goose
Flying crane over Ruhr
Crane bird on buoy
Greenery of Ruhr in morning
Riverside of Ruhr in spring
Winding Ruhr
Smoke at river Ruhr
Greenery and Ruhr
Sunrise in valley Ruhr
Morning at Ruhr
River Ruhr downstream
Cloudy blue sky over Ruhr
View upstream river Ruhr
Buoys in Ruhr
Morning light at Ruhr
Ruhr in morning dust
River Ruhr and blue sky
At river Ruhr in spring
River Ruhr
River Ruhr downstream
River Ruhr and flight of pollen
Flight of pollen at Ruhr
Ruhr and woods
Essen Kettwig in spring
Essen Kettwig at Ruhr
Buildings at mere Mühlengraben Essen Kettwig
Bridge and dam over river Ruhr
River Ruhr and dam in Essen Kettwig
Bistro and bar at river Ruhr
River Ruhr in spring
Spring morning in Ruhrgebiet
Spring dawn at Ruhr
Spring morning at river Ruhr
Bird sanctuary and area of outstanding natural beauty
Ruhr and valley
River Ruhr and Ruhrtalbridge
River Ruhr in Mülheim
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