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All images are Standard License. Extended licenses are not available for subscription downloads. Credits never expire when you use your iStock account once a year. Using your account is as easy as signing in. Credit savings are based on 1 credit pack. All subscriptions feature generous monthly download limits. Audio and video downloads are not included in any subscription.
*Up to 250 unused downloads can be rolled over month to month for annual subscriptions or any other auto-renewed subscriptions. If you don't auto-renew your subscription, you will lose any unused downloads when your subscription term ends (including accrued rollover downloads, if any).

Frequently asked questions

What are credits?

Think of credits as iStock’s very own currency. Credits let you download any file on iStock – including photos, illustrations, video and audio files. Simply load your account with credits to download files as you go.

How long are credits good for?

Credits never expire when you use your iStock account once a year. We'll send you an email before your credits expire. To extend the expiry date another year, simply sign in to your account before your credits expire.

Can I get a refund on unused credits?

Unused credit packs can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. If any credits from a credit pack have been used, no refunds will be offered.

What’s the difference between the Essentials and Signature Subscription?

Our Essentials subscriptions give you the everyday content you need with every photo, vector and illustration in our Essentials collection. View examples of Essentials images.

Signature subscriptions give you access to every image on iStock, period. That includes every image in our Essentials collection as well as millions of premium handpicked Signature collection images that you can only get from us. View examples of Signature images.

Video and audio clips are not currently available with any subscription.

Can I get audio or video files with a subscription?

You can’t currently get audio or video content with your subscription – but you can always supplement your subscription with credits to download these files when you need them.

How can I download something that isn’t included in my subscription?

If you need a file that isn’t available for download with your subscription, you can always download it with credits.

What happens if I don’t use all of my monthly downloads?

Your subscription gives you access to a set number of downloads each month. You can rollover up to 250 unused downloads month to month if you've got an annual subscription or a subscription with auto-renew enabled. If auto-renew is disabled when your subscription term ends, you will lose all rollover downloads that you've accrued.

What license am I getting with my download?

All files downloaded on iStock include our standard license, which lets you use your file in a wide variety of projects and comes with a $10,000 legal guarantee. When you download with credits you can add extended licenses that let you use the file in even more ways.

When you download with credits, your license never expires. Files licensed with subscriptions must be used in an end project within 30 days of the end of the subscription term or the license for the file terminates.

Can I add an extended licenses to an image downloaded with my subscription?

Our standard license lets you use our content in a wide variety of projects. If you need to use a subscription image for purposes not covered under the standard license, you’ll need to download the file with credits and add an extended license.

How does auto-renew work?

Auto-renew automatically renews your subscription before it expires so you can continue to download images without worrying about service disruptions.

Your renewal price will be locked-in for 2 years at the price of your initial subscription before any applicable promotional code redemption. Any promotional code redemption will only apply to your initial purchase and will not be applied to subsequent periods where the subscription is auto-renewed. If you make any changes to your subscription such as upgrade, downgrade, or change the number of downloads per month, your locked-in pricing will be updated based on the changes to your subscription.

When your initial 2 year price lock period is finished, your subscription will be renewed at the website’s price for your subscription and will continue to be locked in at that price for an additional 2 years.

You can turn off auto-renew any time by going to your account.

How do I turn auto-renew on or off?

If you want to turn auto-renew off:

  1. Sign in
  2. Go to your account
  3. Under “Subscriptions”, click Turn off auto-renew
  4. Confirm you want to turn off auto-renew by clicking Yes, turn it off

Once auto-renew is turned off, your subscription will remain active until the end date listed under your subscription details.

If you want to turn auto-renew on, simply contact us.

Can I share my subscription?

Our standard subscriptions are built for single users. If multiple members of your team need to be able to download and use subscription content, you’ll need a multiple seat subscription, which our support team can help set you up with. To learn more about multi-seat subscriptions, contact us.

Can I re-download my subscription images?

You can re-download your subscription images at any time within the term of your subscription. When your subscription ends and you no longer have an active image subscription, you can no longer re-download these images. If your subscription has expired, renew or upgrade to regain access your previously downloaded images.

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