Prepaid MasterCard and Direct Deposit Fees

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Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

Direct Deposit (US bank accounts)¹

  Non Exclusive Exclusive Non Exclusive Exclusive
Activation Fee
$10 paid by iStock
$10 paid by iStock
Loading Payments
paid by iStock paid by iStock
paid by iStock paid by iStock
Monthly Maintenance²
$1 - $2 $1 - $2
- -
Card Replacement³
$10 $10
- -
ATM usage fees (per transaction)
Withdrawal (US)
$1.35 $1.35
- -
Withdrawal (outside US)
$2.15 $2.15
- -
Declined Withdrawal
$0.90 $0.90
- -
¹ Direct deposit is available only for transfers to a US bank account registered to an iStock member. Users of the US direct deposit feature will still be subject to their regular banking fees in accordance with their individual account agreements as outlined with their bank.
² From available balance only. Fees will be charged during the last week of the month based on number of transactions. Cards with balances that have been used less than 4 times per month will be charged $2, if you use the card 5 times or more the fee will be $1. Cards with a zero balance will not be charged.
³ Replacement fees for lost or stolen cards will be the responsibility of the card holder.