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Photo a Roofer
Wedding reception on the beach
Photo of Assorted Gemstones
Photo of a Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Capitol building in Carson City, NV
Photo of a Diamond Above an Engagement Ring
Photo of Assorted Gemstones
Photo of Downtown Los Angeles Skyline
Central Park in Manhattan, NYC
French Fish Market
Downtown Los Angeles Skyline at Night
Never There When You need one
Ripe Plums on the Tree
Photo of Man Working on Roof
Flags, Coffins and Flowers
Machu Picchu
Beach Panorama
Photo of Roofer
Four Diamonds
Stock Photo of Construction Worker
Wiindows of the World
Los Angeles City Hall
Photo of Square Cut Emerald
Photo of Holiday Martini/Margarita
Skid Marks
Supreme Court in Carson City, NV
On the Fairway
Backpacker at Sunset
Red Shelby Cobra Detail
Photo of Memorial Graves
Beach Umbrella
Valley of the Temples
World Series Patriotism
Arlington West War Memorial
Photo of a Rocket
Photo of Fishing Weights
Striped Mustang
French Spice Market
Looking down the foul line
Beached Boat
Rusted Metal Texture
Light Traffic in L.A.
Hat Weaver
Old Faithful Geyser California
Iced Tea
Dewey Mint
Funny Ducks
Swimming Pool Replastering
Sky Scraper Reflections
Corporate American Obscurity
Fresh Eggs at a Farmer's Market
Duck with his Tail in the Air
Photo of Experts Only Sign
Out of bounds
Photo of Holiday Martini
Stock Photo of Parliament in Athens, Greece
Playground Rings
The Temple of Hercules
City Hall Building in Lenox, Mass.
At the game early
Temple Of Olympian Zeus
Area Secured!
Truck Tire treads
Young Boarder on Moguls
Train Springs
Green Apples
Grass Hut
Gold Bracelets
Rained Out
Snuggling Zebras
Baby Pumpkins
Autumn Leaves
Photo of Gold Ring without the solitaire
Large Spider on a web
Truck Horns
Red Delicious Apple
Pool Re-Plastering
Agia Sofia Church in a Cave
Vase in Oia, Santorni
Stock Photo of Oia, Santorni
Stairs in the Cliff
Greek Donkey of Oia
Temple Of Olympian Zeus
Domed Church in Athens Greece
Photo of Red Ripe Pears on the Tree
I dream of Jeannie Lane
LILY PADS AND Bougainvillea
Long Maned Horse in a Stable
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