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Anybody home?
Riding in style!
Running with the flag
Suburban America
Salute to America
We'll leave the light on for you...
Fish out of water
Checking the mail on a cool day
View from Vail Mountain
Riding the big red tractor
Running with the flag, again
Sunset on the lake
Hello, tech support?  How the heck do you start this grill!
Smiling for Santa
Juicy watermelon!
Future skater-dude!
Farmer Dan in the pumpkin patch
First trip to the dentist (2 of 2)
Come on in, the water's great!
Sticky fingers!
What a life!!  Oh to be young again...
Into the wind!
Temper, temper!
Anything in there for me?
Sailboats race to shore!
Gated out or in?
Satellite in Suburbia
Tree hugger!
Hanging on the beach
Brothers sharing ice cream!
Just hangin' around
Amongst the bluebonnets
Fishing by the lake:  I caught one!
Brothers in arms
Texas Bluebonnets
Put your feet up and stay awhile...
Don't go back to Leadville
Texas bluebonnet time!
Pumpkin pickin'
Table for four, outside please
Beach Boys
Brothers sharing ice cream, want a taste?!
Brothers hugging on a park bench
Playing in the pumpkin patch.
Fajita platter
Let's play ball!
Laughter is the best medicine!
Summer spit wars
Backyard beach boy
My brick is better than your brick.
Down on the farm
Pier near South Padre Island causeway
Checkin' out the tunes
Ducking under the water spout
Summer on Vail Mountain
Sunset on the lake
Relaxing in the pool
Hide and Seek (1 0f 2)
Working in the airport
Check out this donut!
Here comes the bus! (Second of 2)
I wonder what he's thinking?
Carving the pumpkins
Can you hear me now?
Antique fan with suitcases in background
Out of gas
Holy cow, what's THAT?!?!
Not-so-scarey Scarecrow
Relaxing on the chaise lounge
Through playing
View of Lake Dillon
Here comes the bus! (1 of 2)
No Peeking! (second of 2)
Mountaintop Cafe
Bubbles at sunset
House in bluebonnets
Little boy with pumpkin
Drop in the Ocean
They Paved Paradise #1
Steel Magnolia Bloom
Things are looking up!
Girl on the Ferris Wheel
Let's Go Fly a Kite!
Girl against sky
Gimme a hug, ya big lug!
Up for a jog around the lake?
Satellite on back of suburban home
Dreaming his life away
They Paved Paradise #2
Sit down and rest a spell
Will you be my valentine?
Penny for your thoughts
Maragrita, backyard Texas style
Safe at first!
Going off the deep end
What part of No don't you understand?
Ferris wheel in the sky
Moon on the mountain
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