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Sage grouse flying
Yellow-headed blackbird
Brown Trout in Hand
Veterans Memorial, Ennis, Montana
Historic Lift Bridge
Mule deer buck in tall grass.
Foggy Fall Morning at the Lake
Brook Trout On the Fly
Big Hole River with snowcapped mountains, MT
On the fly large rainbow trout
Wooden wagon used to haul borax ore in Death Valley
Rainbow trout
Vermillion flycatcher
Grizzly Bear Cub (Ursus horribilus)
Cassin's Finch (Carpodacus cassinii)
Abandoned Vintage Farm/Ranch Truck
Wood Duck
Apples on Display
Soaring Harris Hawk
Natural Rock Sculpture
Vintage Grain Elevator
Scandia Lutheran Church, 1916
Pronghorn antelope doe
Handgun Shooting
Bison Grazing
Prairie falcon
Aspen Trees
Tree Bark Patterns
Cholla Cactus in Bloom
Old Building
Traffic Jam
Brown Trout Redd
New Potatoes
Tree Cross Section
Fly Fishing Montana
Senior man fly fishing a Montana stream.
Whitefish in Hand
Mercantile, Bannack State Park, MT.
Bison Bull in Green Grass
Mules in Harness
Montana Haystacker
Fetching a Sage Grouse
Ring-necked ducks on a small pond
Wet Dirt Road
Genetically Engineered Hackle Feathers
Trout flybox in hand
Grayling With Fly
Great horned owl nesting beneath a bridge
Orange butterfly in white flowers
Kids Day on the Big Hole
Kids Day on the Big Hole
In the Net
Restored Charcoal Kilns
Humorous Sign
Senior woman fly fishing a mountain creek
Senior Skier
Fly Fishing Sunset
Fly Fishing Sunset
Death Valley Saltpan
White-winged dove
Alert white-tailed deer in cactus and rocks
Remote Trout Stream in Montana
Big Hole Haystack, MT
Death Valley Saltpan
Cock pheasant in Montana
Frog in an Arizona pond
Misty Morning
Kelso Depot, Mojave Desert Preserve, CA
Borax mine, wooden wagon display, Death Valley National Park
Tree swallow perched on a branch in Montana
Orange poppy in a Montana garden
Anna's Hummingbird (juvenile) perched on a branch in Arizona
Cedar waxwing eating a hawthorn fruit
Open Pit Talc Mine
Alert pronghorn buck
Mission Mountains Wilderness
Elk thistle in bloom
Sandhilll crane displaying
Mule deer buck in tall grass
Rainbow trout
Ruby Feather Duster
Black-necked stilt
white winged dove perching
Quarter horse mare with foal
White pelican/veil swimming in a river
Fly fishing Big Hole River (fall)
Backroad Sign with Snow-capped Peaks
Fish On
Angler Releasing A Large Cutthroat Trout
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