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Gas pipeline Junction
Darmstadium on ancient wall, the congress center
Heavy duty hook
Sonnenuhr aus Darmstadt
Where are you going?
Even more of the colorful house
strange architecture
Overview of the most colorful house I´ve ever seen
overview of russian Chapel
German museum in Darmstadt
Hungry bee on yellow Rose
German one way street sign
Old iron brodge
Schlossbrucke Darmstadt
Bunker-like waterworks entrance
Small city lights
Statues in front of a museum
Buds of summer Rose
Modern Buildings in Frankfurt
The new Darmstadium
You staring at me?
Colorful architecture
Buds of Aurea Rose
Grazing horse
30`s Style in Darmstadt-Germany
Mariencapelle in Darmstadt
overview of the russian chapel
No way in
Silk like Cardinal Rose
Yellow Gold Treasure Rose
Restored railway tower
Big Purple Rose
Cabbage like Red rose
German Museum
Pink rose bud
Clematis flower
Very hungry bee
Florianbulbose flower
yellow iris
Purple Iris
Red Iris
School Mensa chairs and tables
Industrial pipelines
Mixed cereals
Under mama protection
Bee on flower of oilseed rape
Wooden Hut in the woods
Old iron bridge lights and shadows
Truck me down
Weather bent tip on roof
Empty parking spaces
Huge vases
Lonely bush 2
Blow me away
Diadem Floribunda Rose
Yellow water lily
Roof detail of russian chapel
Detail of russian Church
Huge vase
Empty Red sign
Off the hook
like a pyramid...
latest from the colorful house
Door or Window?
Old industrial chimney
the russian Church
the russian Chapel
Top of russian Chapel
Detail of russian Chapel
After the storm
Cognac Glass
Modern building glass reflections
missed train
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