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Liège Guillemins train station, Wallonia, Belgium
Cheongdam Bridge, Seoul, Sudogwon, South Korea
Modern Business Park
Bridge, suburban Paris, France
Construction composition
Freshly planted trees in front of office building in Seoul
Modern architecture at the newly built IJdock area in Amsterdam
Morning sunshine hitting Melbourne Museum, Australia
Walkway alongside road crossing the Yarra river
Illuminated Dubai International Airport at dusk, UAE
Ice covered lake with fresh animal trail at dawn.
Ice covered lake with reed sticking out at sunrise.
Forest floor with fresh green moss
Bags filled with paper waste from office
Harbor with river cargo boat at dawn
Metal fence protecting yard and office building
Sunset at the Docklands, Melbourne, Australia
Plastic bags with freshly painted wool.
Emergency exit and spring foliage
Pipe bridge at petrochemical complex
Commuter speeding towards work in people mover
Colorfully lit industrial building
Person passing modern building in Melbourne
Construction of giant permanent ferris wheel
Forest floor with fresh green moss
Forest floor with wilted ferns and green moss.
Cracked window with colorful foil
Wire fence protecting building site
Preparing Dinner
European Union Flags
Sunset reflecting in window of warehouse.
Petrochemical Industry
European Union Flags
Another working day
Kitchen Detail
Another working day
Evening image of a well illuminated parking garage.
Two Espressos
European Union Flags
Professional stove.
Business Park
Red Carpet
Pallet with fresh fish at a wholesale market.
Color blinds, Berlin, Germany.
Preparing Dinner
Geese taking off.
Neatly stacked cargo containers behind wire fence.
Poetic Skyscape
Kitchen Detail
Air Traffic Control
Post Box
Futuristic office park at night.
Man on an escalator at a modern train station.
Revolving door of newly built office building.
Field of barley
Electricity Supply
Kitchen Detail
Truck stop with petrol station.
Reflections in office building.
Window of newly built empty office space.
European Union Flags
Chinese flags at People's Square in Shanghai, China
Another working day
Swiss flag catching sun.
Bridge, suburban Paris, France.
Building Detail
Another working day
Refrigerated Warehouse
Preparing Dinner
Abstract sea view.
Mauna Kea observatories, Hawaii.
Abstract sea view.
Red Carpet
Work in progress
Professional stove.
Business Park
Container Terminal
Mauna Kea observatories at dusk, Hawaii.
Colorful wall office building with reflection of sky.
Bridge Structure
Yellow Containers
Interior Detail
Kitchen Detail
Breaking Waves
European Union Flags
Beech and Shedua/Mutenye wood.
Magical sunrise at the Hudson River, New York.
Big Brother
Urban Spring
Poetic Skyscape
Another working day
Above the clouds, Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
Petrochemical Harbour
Three cranes
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