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The human hand in gloves
The hungry continent
The hungry continent
On the stairway of history
Paintbrush bright red tracking on the white background
Eaten lamp !
Pencil remains
The TV
Fabulous army
The human hand holding a telephone receiver
The mat
The ripe red apple
five drugs for diseased people
Natural lamp !
The old radio.
Two row of different pawns facing together showing struggle stat
Some red juicy ripe tomatos
Colorful marbles
The toy train
Playing with marbles
Beautiful harmony of Sand hills under the blue sky
The baby in pot  !
The old telephone
The human hand holding a yellow telephone receiver
The Victim
Coffee cup
The single sunflower in garden under blue sky
The human hand showing V shape
The baby in pot !
The baby in pot !
Heap of Compact Disks
Sunflower facing camera in the garden
Cofee grains in the cup and around
The fresh ripe red apple
The fresh ripe red apple
Coffee cup
Row of juicy fresh red tomatoes
The brick-made wall
The brick wall
Alone hills
Medical capsules
The pencils forest
In the mouth of mount !
In the old lane
The lunar eclipse stages
Wheat grains
Wooden fruit
The confused shrub
The old opened book
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