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Cedar on Top
Under the Bluffs
Rocks of the River
Looking Down the River
Painted Bluffs
Jaged Bluffs
Second Chances
Growing from Rot
Frog's Eye View
Bluff across the Buffalo
Buffalo Bluffs
Stable in the Woods
High Stable
Up at the Stable
Lone Stable
Hollow Tree
River Rocks
Storm on the River
Wild Berries
Gable End
False Fascade
Lost Fascade
Boxer Path
Steady Look
Calm Boxer
Boxer in the Sun
Panting Tongue
Muzzle Right
Vine on a Ledge
Rock in the Woods
Point the Way
Ivy Lot
Twisted Vines
Vines on the Wall
Forgotten Church
Lost Souls
Concessions of Time
The Rails Coming Loose
Negleted Church
Battered Leaf
Twisted Trees
Runing Rapids
Busted Trunk
Bluffs of the Buffalo
Bend of Buffalo
Readt to Split
Cedar Shingles Shaken
Cedar Shake
Old Entry
Closed Diner
Fallen Porch
Ivy Wall
Ivy Diner
Neglected Diner
Up into the Ivy
Ivy Inn
Tracks to No Where
Dine with Ivy
Leaf on a Rock
Boxer Profile
Water Table
Autumn Leaves on a Rock
Bright Autumn Leaves
Leaves in the Sun
Red Autumn Leaf
Red Leaf
Yellow Leaf
Marble Rock
Over the Ledge
Camping Boxer
Mini Corn
Beach Boxer
Over There
Look Away
What's That?
Stout Loyalty
Down the River
Structure of Nature
Bashful Boxer
Branch's Brace
Too Close to Get Comfy
House on the Hill
Winter Rails
Winter River
Ruts on a Bridge
What's That Over There?
Over the Bridge
Get Some
Through the Barn
Boards of Time
Wood Algea
Barn Facade
Battered Door
Barn Blues
Battered Boards
Barn Face
Fallen Door
When the Light Leaks In
Loft Ladder
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